Monday, April 16, 2007

I am so vain by default.

(Coming down off of my ebay high so bear with me. What a rush. That's another story-but enough about that-back to ME being vain)

I started out my marriage a size 6. I had a tiny 23 inch waist. By today's standards, I would be a size zero! (I'd love to walk into a store and ask for that size.) Fast forward 9 years and I am a comfortable size 8 - very happy with my 26 inch waist. Fast forward one more year and I've gained a dress size and a brand new 8lbs 7oz baby boy. I'm okay with my new size 10 body, although I long for my old one -especially the flat, beautiful, not a mark on it, belly. Fast forward 4 more years and I still have a size 10 body and a brand new 9lbs 10oz baby boy...wait a second, why didn't my dress size go up. My waist did!! It's called Vanity Sizing.

Vanity Sizing. Have you heard of this? Apparently, the garment industry is on to us. Admit it, you too have your clothes organized by skinny, now and fat clothes. We Americans have become fat! In an effort to keep us buying clothes, we have to believe we are still thin, so the clothing folks have "adjusted" the sizes to conform to the "new" us.

I used to take comfort in knowing I was smaller than Marilyn Monroe, who in the 50s measured a size 12. Until I found out that by today's standards she would actually be a size 6.

How big are you these days? Memory Bank 1993. I bet that "one size fits all" silk short set that BN brought back from Thailand back when I was a "size zero" would fit me now. Ugh, depressing.

Zafu jean finder Neat site for helping to find the perfect pair of jeans. You do need to be honest - the first time I answered the questions - they suggested I buy size 4, hip-hugging, crack showing jeans. There's that vanity thing again. I fib on all tests where they say to "be honest". I just can't help myself!

I'll leave you with a nugget from my dear old Dad: "I'm not vain. Vanity is a fault and I don't have any."

I'll see you at the gym tomorrow.

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