Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Where's my Stuff

You've all seen this screen, even if you have Macs, you've seen a login screen similar to this.

On this very laptop, on which I am typing this very serious entry into my blog, we have this login screen and there is an icon for BN and an icon for me.

BN never uses the laptop because he has an awesome Mac, so not sure why he even has an icon. If I weren't so technically challenged I might be able to remove his login. Speaking of technologically challenged, has this ever happened to you...

I lift the screen and fiddle with the mouse to remove the screensaver and go about my computer business. Only when I click on bookmarks to visit my favorite blog sites, there is nothing there and I mean NOTHING. where's my bookmarks? Or I lift the screen and fiddle with the mouse to remove the screensaver and try to write an email and type the first letter of the lucky recipient's name and nothing happens and I mean NOTHING. where's my email addresses?

I start to panic and break a sweat across my upper lip. I wildly look left and right as if I'll find these things somewhere in the room but I never do. And then I do what every wife of a software engineer does...I pick up the phone and call BN. He can tell by my voice that I am panicked. I explain the situation and he calmly tells me that I must be logged in as him. Apparently, he needed to check on something quickly and since my laptop was accessible, he logged on and did his checking. Then I needed to do something on the computer and, well, you've heard the story. Has this ever happened to you?

To make you, my three glorious readers, understand just how techno challenged I really am, this happens about 7 times a year.

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