Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Yoga Anyone?

I just started Yoga a few weeks ago and I must say I really enjoy it. If you thought Yoga was all stretching and breathing and overall easy, think again! There is much stamina required and if you need upper body strength, you'll get some. In fact it is strenuous enough that a friend of mine who is seeing a personal trainer was advised she could use Yoga to replace one of her days using the weight machines. That speaks for itself. Of course, I am referencing toning, not training for Ms. Olympia.

I also bought a YogaKids video to use with the boys at home. It claims to "channel energy into fitness fun" and "helps kids feel calm" and "builds focus" - sounds similar to Benadryl - I'm in. Just kidding!?!?

A few notes to remember. Do not wear loose fitting shorts! Ewww. Wear yoga pants or sweats or anything that covers your nether regions properly. We are supposed to keep our eyes closed and bring our yoga inward - but sometimes we don't. Speaking of nether regions, I came across a site for using yoga to enhance the use of one's nether regions. Just saying...

Give it try if you get a chance - you might like it!

The best part though is at the end when we are preparing ourselves for the final moments of quiet and solitude...Happy Baby Pose! Ideally, you can grab your big toes or foot, you are lying on your back and then you pull your knees back towards your armpits.

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