Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading? Fun?

I have to put this in writing. I bought some small books that use all the Dolche words within the stories for Pete. We are working on fluency and these will do just that.

Today, I had him read the first few stories in the first book and he actually said, "These are kind of fun."

"Gasp, gasp, sputter, sputter," said I.

THEN, Pete said, "I think I will take this book with me to DisneyWorld so I'll have something to read on the way there."

More gasping and more sputtering from me.

I'm in heaven, y'all.


ps There are four books in that series and they cover primer through grade three dolche words and the nouns. Not too babyish for older readers.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yes, that day is a commercial disaster.

For twenty years or so, I've been telling BN that buying me flowers is not necessary. In fact, if you've gotta buy something, buy me a plant. It'll last a whole lot longer.

I've also told him that gifts aren't necessary...until this year. I love me some Vera Bradley and since I've purchased from her a time or two before, I get these little postcards in the mail that say something like, "A Special Gift Just for You". For me? And I only have to spend $65 to get the special gift? It's on, baby!

This early February, true to the commercial spirit, Vera sent me a postcard. I tossed it to the side (my effort at saving us money) and out of the corner of my eye, I saw BN surreptitiously pick it up. He didn't ask me about it until about 2 days before Valentines. I sent him an email with a link to the bag I wanted the next day. He laughed and ordered it.

I can't wait to get it. Darn that Valentines - suckered us again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bags are packed...

...Or we still have 39 days until our trip.

BN and I decided to stimulate the economy a little by taking a trip to Disney World. We told the boys we were checking on dates available since we wanted to take advantage of the" buy four get three more" deal. They both immediately ran upstairs to "pack their bags" before we even finished telling them the good news.

When we go on long trips, I always encourage the boys to pack a backpack with things they'll miss from home - toys they might want to play with during downtime. I decided to check out their bags and see what is important to them at this stage in their life. I feel guilty but the curiostity is killing me.

Power Rangers, Ironman, Batman, empty Nerf gun, binoculars, stuffed dog and Nemo cell phone.


Ironman x 2, watch, empty camera case?, binoculars, wallet (not empty), Tech Deck collector cards, chirping bird, Connect Four game, pen and notepad, candy and gum (contraband!!)

What's funny about this to me is that it is so typical of their ages. Four years ago, Pete would have packed the same stuff as RePete and in fact, I think he did - minus Ironman (he wasn't popular back then). And now, Pete is so grown up. The wallet (BNs old one), his watch, pen and paper, less toys. As his mom, those crack me up. The candy and gum might mysteriously disappear.

I vow in front of the whole entire blogworld, or all three of my blog friends, that in another four years I will NOT go through Pete's bag. He will be 13 (gasp). I sure will be curious though.


Friday, February 6, 2009

I learned about parenting...

from Captain Underpants.

If you have not read these books to your boys (or rowdy girls), then you are all missing out on funny stuff. Not to mention parental insight.

Just today, I read volume eight to RePete and had to edit my rules about saying such things as butt, poop, pee pee, and on and on. George and Harold observed that for the first few years of a child's life, the parents talk daily of poop and pee. They ooh and ahh every little tinkle and turd. They give the kids balloons, candy,...parties and other such goodies. I even posted pictures! *gasp* All in the name of excrement.

THEN, the child is potty trained and suddenly saying things like poop and pee are taboo. The young ones are hushed and the parents are mortified. Why is that?

Such a wonderful point to ponder.