Monday, October 11, 2010

Let's Talk About Disney

First, I used a cell phone to post to FB.  Based on my past technological mishaps, this is nothing short of a miracle.

Second, it's good having a police officer living right next door.  They moved in and he volunteered to have a car swing by and check on things while we were gone.  Not necessary since I live in a neighborhood that makes Beaver's look like crime central.  It's that safe.  But what the heck.

Then, I make a mental note to myself to drive around Georgia on the return trip so that I don't have to hear BN sing "Georgia on My Mind" every few minutes until we cross the state line.

A toy soldier from Toy Story called me Private Blue (color of my shirt) and Mama and refused my refusal to get up and dance at the Hollywood Studios Block party parade.  We Macarena'd, Saturday Night Live'd, and some other dances that I'm not hip enough to do.  I have to admit it was a little fun.  Then he gave a me a bouncy ball.

I'm too old for the whole Disney shebang.  My feet were killing me.

I almost got all the smooshed pennies from the parks.  Actually, I only ended up with about 20 or so, and there are sooo many more.  I could plan a Disney vacation around getting my pennies smooshed.  Note to self:  bring rolls of quarters next time.

Lion King at Animal Kingdom is the best show ever.  I never get tired of seeing it.

Trick or Treating at Magic Kingdom is so worth the over-priced tickets.  It's too bad our feet were killing us by then because we didn't ride any rides and the lines are extra short on those special days.  Of course, October is the best time to go - rides are no more that 20 minutes and most are only 5.

4 trips in 7 years and we are officially over Disney.  We still love it, but the novelty has worn off.  I think we'll wait another 5 years before going again.  Or maybe more.  Sorry Mickey.

BN and I are no longer economy people.  We've chosen each of the four "economy" resorts because we figure, why pay for a room we only sleep in.  I'll tell you why.  It's crap.  On our other trips, the trips part was less expensive, so we splurged for better rooms.  Suites, in fact.  Once you sleep in luxury, you just can't go back.  Neither of us slept well, had enough room, we had to share a bathroom, etc, etc.  I know I shouldn't complain, but it's like that.  Of course I have myself to blame because BN wanted to splurge, but I was being a tightwad practical.

We took cash but ran out so had to use our check cards for a few items.  (we don't do credit)  Of course, someone swiped my number and gave $5.00 to March of Dimes and then tried to spend the rest of our account at an online tool shop, so I had to cancel my card.  Thankfully, Debbie at ToolUp dot com saw a problem with information given and didn't complete the charge. Thank you, Debbie.

And that about sums it up.  Now to relax.