Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lego Storage Solutions...

...or My Excuse to Drive Four Hours to IKEA. (Yes, I am still coming down from that IKEA high and it was almost a week ago that we drove up to Potomac Mills.)

Today the boys and I spent the entire day (minus a little time for a math worksheet) playing with Legos. Pete commented that he loved being able to build Legos rather than sit in a classroom all day. I agreed. It was nice and even after my temper tantrum yesterday, I still think it's a whole lot of fun having the boys with me all day, unlike some people.

Out of necessity and choice, we have the boys sharing a room. We moved into a smaller house four years ago (only 3 bedrooms) and we think sharing a room teaches many coping interpersonal skills. Sharing, courtesy, respect. I'll let you know when it starts working!

And last year we moved them from the bigger of the spare rooms to the smaller one. I figured smaller room = smaller mess. Yep, I'll let you know when that comes true too!

It's in my madness nature as a trained interior designer to make sense of crazy spaces. I've tried other solutions and time and time again, they failed. But not anymore. I've found the magic box(es). And my beloved IKEA never disappoints.

This set comes from the Trofast series and they rock. Meet the new Lego work station. Try not to drool.

Look at 'em all color coordinated.

I also bought larger versions to use for toy storage and even for dressers. Now their clothes are all in the closet and out of the play area.

I couldn't love IKEA more if they gave me free stuff. *knock knock* Hello? IKEA?


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