Monday, August 31, 2009

Skate 2 stole my baby

Skate 2 is a video game. My boys don't particularly like playing video games, they prefer to use their imaginations. I love that about them. But this game...something about it. Maybe because it is about skateboarding and they love skateboarding.

I'd show some photos of them skateboarding, but those are lost files. moment while I mourn my lost 2009 photos

...okay, back now

The characters in these games can be modified and the one Pete made looks so much like him. Until recently, he was baby faced and small. Yesterday, he received "upgrades".

Now he is square jawed. Sports a goatee and has muscles. And wears a "married ring". I look at I see my baby in just a few short years. moment while I mourn my lost 9 year old


Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Wee Garden

the "back nine"
the "front nine"

Timidly, BN and I started a garden this year. We constructed two 4x4 raised beds and planted according to the Square Foot Gardening techniques and it has been a learning experience.

First, we planted everything from seed (against my better judgement) and some of it worked. Actually, everything grew something, but not everything produced.
The melons were the most puzzling. They both literally fell off the vines when ripened.
That watermelon was the size of a large navel orange. It was ripe and delicious but I was only able to scoop about a cup of fruit from the rind. The seed packet, "Moon and Stars" shows an oblong melon of up to 40 pounds!
Those cantaloupes? Not much bigger than the very large eggs we get from the farm. I used a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon to scoop out the wondrous 1/3 cup fruit. The seed packet, "Hearts of Gold", shows a melon the size of a child's head.
Both types of melons produced very tasty flesh. Both looked exactly like their much (did I say much) bigger cousins in the stores, but why so little? Hmmm.

Farmer error of some sort.. Do you think Mel will return my calls?