Sunday, April 1, 2007


You may know me better as that anti-Stepford wife, Robinella, but in real life I'm a mommy blogger, amateur photographer, crafter, wife and home educator to my two boys and I'm trying hard to not to drown in the pool of testosterone filling the house I call home. Come meet me, my beloved BN and our rambunctious boys, Pete and RePete.

Before you go, have I told you how I became Robinella?

A few moons ago, I was in the Navy. I worked as an Air Traffic Controller and was stationed on a little island and we were a very small group. When you sit for hours couped up in the Tower or Radar trailer, you get to know one another, so naturally we talked and revealed personal stuff. We were sitting around talking about where we were from and something came over me. I thought I'd pull a prank and blurted out that my real name was Robinella. Of course, that was met with "Nahs" and "Reallys?" and I backed it up with factual information that made it conclusive. You see my sister's real name is not Doodah, it's Della and my cousin's name is Stella. After I mentioned their names, everyone believed me and I then became Robinella.

I let this play out for about 3 months before I told them the truth. Unfortunately, it stuck and I was Robinella until the end of my tour. ( I was also called the Porch Goddess in bootcamp and that stuck too, but that is another story.)