Friday, October 14, 2011

21 years and still going strong

Yesterday marked 21 years since BN and I got  married.  And well, that's a long time.  Only it doesn't seem like all that long ago.

Just yesterday, my oldest was talking about how dad never gives up.  (apparently not on me either - teehee) Right now he has the boys semi-convinced that he is Batman. 

So I told him a story from when we were first married.


One day back when we were newly married, I winked at BN.  BN looked at me and blinked both eyes.  I asked him if he meant to blink both eyes or could he not wink and he stated that he could not wink.

I was stunned because I never knew this about him.  Prior to marriage, we had dated for almost 5 years.  How could I not know this about my beloved, the future father of my children, the one with whom I share all my secrets?

Ten years pass and we had our oldest son.  BN looked at me from across the room and winked.  Needless to say, my mouth fell agape and I asked, "when did you learn to wink?"

He just laughed and said, "I've always known how to wink."