Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pete turns Eight

Well, it's a week later and we survived not having a big party for RePete and now it's time to deflect the advances of the party bug with Pete. It doesn't help that he has been inviting anyone who will listen to his "party". Luckily I've been there to remind him that we aren't having a big party this year. He's so persistent. We are celebrating with RePete, BN, my sister and my nephew. Pete asked me if I sent them all invitations....

As you can see, how shall I say this...Pete has always made me strive to be a better person. He arrived after 18 hours of serious labor with a perfect conehead. Oh yes, he knows all the intimate details of my birth canal. And on January 30, 2004, he introduced us to parenthood. He had a serious bout of jaundice and had to be hospitalized with the big lamps. It was very emotional because his levels were so elevated and I was post-partum and having trouble pumping, but in the end it all worked out.

Most babies start out with blue eyes, but not Pete. His were a rich brown from the beginning and BIG! I melted everytime I looked at him. I won't sugar coat it and say it was easy. When he was happy, he was really happy and when he was mad, he was really, really mad. No middle ground with Pete. No gray areas. It's either black or it's white. It still is.


For his entire first year, he cried everytime we got in the car. BN took a job in Charlottesville in Pete's 3rd month and we made many three hour trips between our two homes. Let's just say it took its toll on my nerves. And you never met happier parents who jumped up and down with glee when Pete turned one. Just by turning his carseat around to face the front, all the screaming stopped and he was perfectly happy in the car. Backwards=screaming. Frontwards=happy. See, no in between.

He has always had an incredible vocabulary and every night we had to read no less than five books to him. He always had to choose them and there could be NO LESS THAN FIVE. Because of his height and vocabulary, people always thought he was older. They were always amazed by it.

He loves exploring and has an awesome imagination. He still tends to focus on one thing at a time and it absorbs him. I've always thought he should be an actor or at least be in local productions. That's our next venture. I think he'll love it.


He was Buzz Lightyear for about 2.5 years. "To finty and deyon!" he would say.


He's been a terrific big brother to RePete. Sure he casts him aside sometimes, squeezes him a little too tightly sometimes, but mostly he tries to play nicely with him and teach him how to pee outside...


And this is about as far as I can go with pictures. He hasn't changed much in his appearance for the last few years and BN will have my hide if I show our babies to the world. So I'll leave you with this one.


Those big brown eyes get me everytime.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shooting bird's heads off!

I never thought I'd ever hear one my children say this. I just really didn't and it caused me to spew chili on the table tonight. Not that it was hilariously funny or at least probably not to anyone else, but to me, it was something else.

Pete: "It's not like it's deer season, so he had to shoot the bird's head off."


Our little neighbor friend hunts with his Dad and Grandpa and tells Pete all about it. We have no intention of taking him hunting or allowing him to hunt with others. We only eat chicken, turkey or fish as a meat source and you hardly need shotgun experience for that! We don't believe in hunting for sport. So our boys will never hunt while under our roof. And btw, I know a thing or two about hunting; my stepdad took us with him.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

100 things

Well, I didn't know about "100 things post" with the old blog so never did it and now I've gotten carried away with the 365 thing and missed my 100th post by about 20, I think.
I think this will be hard to compose because, well, I tell everything to anyone who will listen. Actually, I'm not such an open book, but I've certainly told more than my share on here, but here goes. Just don't hate me when I'm done. My heart can't take it.
  1. I have OCD qualities. If the pancake mix says "makes 6 pancakes", then dadgumit, at the end of cooking I better have 6 pancakes.
  2. I love handwashing dishes. As a youngster, it gave a me a moments peace and I'm finding it does the same thing as a oldster.
  3. I have five 2-year degrees. I wonder if I can trade them all in for a PhD?
  4. Actually two of them are 3-year degrees but there isn't a name for it, so it gets shoved under 2-years.
  5. I'm not currently using any of them.
  6. Unless you count Interior Design. Everyone wants free advice.
  7. I love painting.
  8. I wish I had an art studio. I will have one in our next house.
  9. I am a soft drink addict. Diet Coke, my choice of poisons.
  10. I love routines.
  11. I haven't had one since I had Pete.
  12. I used to wake up at 7am sharp without an alarm clock.
  13. Now I wait until I hear the boys stir to get our of bed.
  14. And only with misgivings. I need to go to bed earlier.
  15. I want to quit blogging.
  16. No I don't.
  17. Yes, I do.
  18. Maybe later.
  19. I am a bit claustrophobic. I can't have covers over my head or have anyone too close to my face for too long.
  20. Sometimes this affects my ability to wear turtlenecks. I feel like I am choking.
  21. As long as I don't look in the mirror, I still think I weigh 130 lbs.
  22. I also think I look 25.
  23. I'm wrong on both accounts.
  24. I love school supplies.
  25. Even though we don't need most of the stuff on school supply lists as homeschoolers, I still buy them.
  26. I have stockpiles of school supplies.
  27. I also love stationary. I don't use it, I collect it.
  28. I don't use it because I have been typing so long that my hands tire quickly when I write.
  29. And my tiring hands write so poorly.
  30. I used to have beautiful penmanship.
  31. Oh and stationary and cards with birds on them are a bonus.
  32. I love ketchup and spaghetti sauce, but hate tomatoes.
  33. I love onion rings, but hate onions.
  34. My Mom would make special sauce for me that did not have huge onion and pepper chunks.
  35. It's not really the taste I dislike, it's the texture or the crunch.
  36. I always wanted to be an artist growing up.
  37. I had several pieces show while I was a teenager.
  38. I didn't want to paint for money. Or rather I didn't want to HAVE to create. It takes away the passion.
  39. I chickened out of leaving for college on the day I was set to go, car packed, family kissed goodbye.
  40. Then sat on the steps and called my Mom and asked if I could stay.
  41. We've been through a lot, my Mom, my Sister and I.
  42. I didn't want to leave them.
  43. I used to live in a chicken house. It was converted into a house, but it's beginnings was to house chickens.
  44. I know how to catch, clean and cook all kinds of fish.
  45. I also know how to use an axe and a chainsaw because we had woodstoves when we lived with my stepdad.
  46. My last name changed when I was 13.
  47. Imagine how weird that was going on summer break with one name and returning to school in the fall with another name.
  48. My dad had a new family to take care of.
  49. My stepdad thought it made him look good to adopt those poor girls under his name.
  50. I've always hated his last name.
  51. Even now, when I fill out forms and they ask for maiden name, it takes everything I have to write his name down.
  52. He's dead now.
  53. My dad and I have reconciled but we'll never be the same.
  54. Anyone who says children don't need a stable male figure in their lives is wrong.
  55. I'm living proof.
  56. And so is my sister.
  57. Don't worry, we're fine.
  58. But we'd be so much better if our dad had chosen us.
  59. Example. I've always been at the top of my class.
  60. I've always been a top performer in my jobs.
  61. I have little REAL confidence.
  62. So I put up a facade.
  63. I am uncomfortable around men in general.
  64. It's the ones most like a father figure that I am drawn to.
  65. Okay so now I'm depressed, let's move on. Thank God for BN.
  66. I have tons of beautiful jewelry, but never wear it.
  67. I don't like tedious facial routines. Wash, scrub, toner, wrinkle cream, etc etc.
  68. I wear big dark sunglasses to ward off wrinkles.
  69. So far it has worked.
  70. I wanted to upload my Ipod with new music (it was handed down from BN) and realized I know longer know what I like.
  71. I love shopping for the dumbest things. Like dish towels and dental floss.
  72. I love the dentist.
  73. They say I am a model patient. Clean teeth.
  74. I got BN to start flossing when we first married.
  75. He has thanked me ever since.
  76. I love nail polish, but it makes my nails brittle.
  77. My hands look like my Mothers.
  78. I love that.
  79. I waited six long years to move back east after leaving home.
  80. Now I wish to move back west.
  81. We will in a few years.
  82. I really want to ski a black diamond hill.
  83. I am too afraid to leave the bunny slopes.
  84. In fact I am afraid of anything fast. Biking, skating, skiing, driving.
  85. I enjoyed my time in the military.
  86. I had a cake job, as they say.
  87. We were subject to the same rules as pilots, so I never had to stand watch.
  88. I didn't chip paint.
  89. I was an Air Traffic Controller.
  90. Even after the Navy, I was quickly promoted at all the jobs I've held.
  91. I still don't know why.
  92. I really struggle with staying home with my kids.
  93. I love them.
  94. I hate the monotony.
  95. I hope my children become just like their father.
  96. Being around me so much is bound to wear off on them, though.
  97. I hope to travel the world someday.
  98. But only if BN is by my side.
Ignore any grammar or spelling errors. It's late, I just vomited this up and this is way too big to proof.
Okay, so now I want to erase half of what I said, but I won't. It's raw, it's me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Look Who Is Four

RePete came into our lives in January 2004. It's almost hard to remember and yet sometimes feels just like yesterday. He was such a happy baby and I fell in love with him that very first day. I don't know if it was because he is the baby (my last) or because he was such an easy going fellow, but we connected right away and I didn't experience anything but joy after his birth.

He was a whopper and was very furry. Still is.

This was the one of the first photos I staged with him. I just loved how they turned out.

When his hair grew, I was in heaven. It was so curly. I swore I'd never cut his hair. Of course, the stifling Virginia heat made me think otherwise. I wonder how long his hair would be now...
Did I ever tell you I used to be a Human Pacifier? I was for about a year. It's shameful, I know, but a Momma will do anything for her baby.


He's so full of gusto. I know no matter what he tries, he will succeed.


See? I worried that he refused to use the pot and then one day, just like my wiser friends told me, he just up and did it. I wonder what he'll do next.



Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Funday

We just had our first snow of the year.
Pete has on the green coat. You didn't think I'd let my son out in short sleeves and no hat did you?
In fact by the time my boys and hubby finishing rolling the snowballs around our yard to make the snowman (he's small but darling), the yard was clean!! They had a great time and I had fun watching them from inside. Brrr.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

You heard it here...

My sister knows I deprive my boys of the fun things in life so she bought them THIS... Pete is tickled pink.
My boys will pick Wendy's (fast food chain) any time day or night. After the gym today (yeah, I know) I asked where they wanted to grab lunch and both exclaimed, "WENDY'S!!" I commented to them that if they keep eating at Wendy's, they'll turn into chicken nuggets.
Shortly after that we pulled into their parking lot and RePete starts crying out, "no, not here, not here, I can't wanna be a chicken nugget."
My sister has a son, almost 13, and she drives him to school each morning on her way out. One of her neighbors has a daughter about the same age and she has become the outcast on their street (you know how young girls can be) and asked if Doodah would mind letting her daughter ride with them to school for a while. Of course it was okay and Doodah and Tbone got to hear all the sordid details about how the other girls were treating her.
Tbone, being a male, looks at her after a few rides and says, "why don't you all just fist fight and get it over with so you can be friends again?"
Why not, indeed?
How long does it take Pete to complete a math worksheet? Oh about 30 minutes, while I tear my hair out in the background.
How long does it take Pete to complete a math worksheet when a friend is sitting on our porch waiting to play? About 8 minutes. Perfect score.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Get another job!

My poor RePete has been plagued by 4 cavities in his almost 4 year old mouth. We brushed and flossed and avoided too much sticky, sugary things but he got them anyway. Our pediatric dentist retired and handed his practice and all of his patients over to a newer, younger dentist. He sucks!

After giving RePete this drink that made him loopy, they also used nitrous oxide and wrapped him in a blanket (to control arm movement) and filled his first two back in July. They decided he was just too afraid of the dentist to be able to do anymore fillings, and to avoid "traumatizing him" any further, they let me know that their new procedure for these "types of children" would be to send them to the local hospital and put them under while they x-ray and fill cavities. Obviously, I said, "I don't think so. You aren't putting my three year old under for cavities. ARE YOU HIGH?"

I started searching first by asking for good recommendations on the local homeschool yahoo group and then by researching those and doing my own checking around. I decided on a family dentist this time instead of a pediatric dentist and I am so happy with my choice.

We went in for his consult on Monday and he sat in the chair and allowed the hygienist to take x-rays. Imagine that. No drugs or sedation of any kind. Then we were able to come back on Tuesday (not three months later as happened with the ped dentist) and get one of the teeth filled. They did use nitrous oxide and he complied just fine. They filled his tooth without any unconsciousness or binding blankets. RePete left the office smiling and gave the dentist and hygienist a high five. He cried everytime we arrived at and left the ped dentist.

I was talking to my sister about this (she's a nurse) and she said they are probably just tired. The family dentist sees all ages and so is refreshed when a difficult child walks in. The ped dentists deal with difficult children all day and are just tired so they do what they know will get the job done the most efficiently. (ie blankets, drugs etc. and now putting them to sleep)

The new dentist and her hygienist took time with my baby. They even had to delay the next patient because the extra time and TLC they took with RePete caused his visit to run over. Even running behind, they kept a slow and steady pace.

I can see where my sister is coming from but I just think if you are tired of your job, it's time to move on. If anything, I would think the ped doctors should have the most compassion and understanding and be able to take a few extra minutes to calm and reassure the little patient. I think it's about the bottom line, the dollar. It's no coincidence just about every ped dentist has an orthodontist right next door. Don't even get me started on that. That is a whole nother post.

Anyway, for anyone looking for the very best for their families, don't overlook "family" doctors.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free at last.

This is the beginning of my freedom. Freedom from diapers, pull-ups and the like.

It all began innocently enough with the morning changing of the pull-up. Because RePete had worn it all night, the sides had dug into his tender little hips and it hurt a little when we removed it. I explained that it hurt because he was too big for pull-ups and that undies were soft and didn't hurt. So RePete wanted to wear his underwear today. That was at 8:30am.

He held it and held it and held it some more. We went to his gymnastics class where I let him know that Ms. Donna wouldn't let him stay in gymnastics if he wet himself. So he held it some more until we got home at 2:30pm. I saw him walk off looking for some place "private" and knew I had to act fast. So I picked him up and ran to the back bathroom and yanked his pants off and he walked right up to the potty and HE PEED IN THE POT FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!! Just 13 days shy of his fourth birthday.

I ooohed and aaahed and poofed my chest out the way only a proud momma bird can do, and he smiled. He too was proud of this moment. We called Dad at work and RePete told him the news and he said he would pee in the pot again next time. I can't wait until tomorrow morning about 8:15am when he has to poop. I can't believe I can't wait.

I used to anxiously wait for dates for dinner, now I wait for poop. Such is my life. And what a glorious one it is.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We were driving to the park today and out the blue Pete asks what Grandma Bobbie's middle name is. I tell him it's Jean and that Bobbie isn't her real first name, it's her nickname.

Pete decides he wants a nickname.

Me: "Do you have anything in mind?"

Pete: "No."

Me: "How about Ralph?"

Pete: "Ralph? Noooo!" (but said in the same way you would say DUH!!!)

Me: "Well the only thing related to your name that I can think of is Jerry."

Pete: thinking...thinking..."I know. You can call me Mr. D."

Me: HUH??.....


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

I have a confession. Actually two. #1 I accidentally stole a Sept 2008 Parenting magazine from the doctors office today. And for some odd reason I thought that was last year since it's 2009. Wait it was last year. I meant last, last year. #2 "I don't like my kids these days" was the headline that grabbed me.

The magazine was in my hands when the NP handed me the new prescription for Repete (letter size paper) which I laid on top of the magazine while she and I talked. I walked out and after realizing I still had the magazine, decided to keep it since I really wanted to read that article. Pete is still asking why I stole it. Which leads me to #2.

The full title is "I don't like my kids these day" Mom's guilty (normal) secrets

I think the long, long December I just experienced contributed to some of those feelings. Pete is also considered a tween and he is starting to act like one.

  • Knows less than he thinks he does

  • Argues his point well past my tolerance levels

  • Antagonizes his little brother

  • Never does anything wrong

  • Is always "being yelled at" (his words)

And on and on.

I'm going to go read this article now and find out why I shouldn't feel guilty.


ps if anyone knows how to make that way-too-cute knitted pom-pom necklace, I'm all ears.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


You know what stinks worse than having a December birthday? Having a January birthday. And guess what December kid has two boys with birthdays in January. Yes, that's right, I do!

I had decided this year that I didn't want to have birthday parties for the boys and it's for a couple of reasons. Their birthdays are a week apart and it's a whole lotta work! Last year was the first time we had an official party for RePete. Our friends have children Pete's age and Repete's age or at least very close. We've been lucky because when we get together, they each have playmates their ages. So last year, I got the bright idea to have both of their parties together and we had it at our gymnastics location. They throw a great party and everyone had tons of fun. BUT it was so chaotic with so many children present that I needed a serious nap when we were done (but of course couldn't take one) and these parties are expensive. We don't have the luxury of having a party at the park (FREE) or having one in our backyard (FREE) because it is freezing outside. I did give Pete a Spy party at home two years ago, but after I bought all the entertainment and prizes and goody bags and food, I wasn't any better off.

So it is the curse of the winter baby to have to find suitable indoor places to party-hardy and it is the curse of the winter baby's parents to shell out the big bucks. These past few months, I thought instead of spending it all on parties, why not have a great family getaway. Something the boys would really love and BN and I could enjoy too. And really, my boys do not need more presents. Not just because Christmas just passed, but because they do not need anymore toys!!!

So BN agreed this would be a fine idea. RePete doesn't really care yet. Pete? Not happy. He wants all of his friends to come over, sleep over, eat, drink, bring presents and be merry.

Guess what? RePete turns four tomorrow! Aghhhh!! I had to get a few things at the store today so I picked up cake mix, icing, special plates, streamers, those blowie things and a card. I feel like the worst Mom ever. Then I called BN at work and said, "Did you remember tomorrow is RePete's birthday?" and he said, "Uh, not really." OMG we are the worst parents ever. So BN is going by the store at lunch to pick up his presents.

Pete's is next Wednesday. Aghhh!!

I think we are going to stick with our original plans. Next Wednesday, we'll have cake and streamers and presents from us. Maybe next weekend, I'll let the two neighbor boys come over and spend the night as a special thing for Pete. No presents. And then we'll head to The Great Wolf Lodge as a family.




I am bound and determined to find the best way to organize toys for the boys. Actually organize is a grand notion. I just want the floor to be clear and prevent the Lego bruising and late night tumbles that occur on a regular basis. How hard can it be to shove stuff into drawers. I do it all the time - hence the junk drawers. So here's the before and the after.



And I'm taking bets on how long the ATST remains upright? I'm guessing 3.5 days.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

For the first time in the history of my marriage to BN, we celebrated New Year's with other people. At least it is the first one we remember. Neither of us really drink and neither of us want to be on the road with all the people who do drink, so we've always been content to stay at home and watch the ball drop with one another. For the first 10 years of our marriage, everyone we knew was single and always went places to drink and celebrate. We didn't want to be on the road. Then we started having kids and not only do we not trust other people with our boys, but we didn't want to be on the road.
Now we have friends who have children and celebrate at home like us. This year we took our friends up on the offer to get together at their house. Children were welcome. That's our kind of partying. Yeah, I know, Woo-Hoo, right. Well it was.
The women played a game of Dominoes called Mexican Train (not sure why it's called this) and it was my first time ever playing Dominoes and I won! The menfolk all brought their personal Macs and played Command and Conquer together. The kids all played and played and played. I have to say we had a lot of fun, were in good company, and made it home safely. (they only live 10 minutes away on the back roads)
It was so exciting for our boys to bring in the New Year. They didn't have a clue what was going on until we counted down the ball dropping and Pete asked why and I explained that it was now 2008 and he asked if it was January and then he understood. I got to kiss three handsome men and I wasn't drunk.