Thursday, December 15, 2011

The OJ Experiment

RePete saw the commercial about orange juice where they show a straw in an orange (as if the juice in the container is so fresh that it is like drinking straight from the orange).

Experiment:  He wanted to try it.  Pete too.

Outcome:  RePete got a tiny drop or two of juice and Pete got pulp.
Lesson:  Don't believe everything you see on television.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our future

BN and I feel stuck.  We want to live in/near the mountains, but in this world we have to have a good job.  His is here in Hampton Roads.

So we dreamweave about the day he retires or we spontaneously become independently wealthy.  We both see the same piece of land in our future and until this past weekend, we didn't have a picture. In our perfect dream, we see a house on a hill, a pond or other water source nearby and mountains in the backdrop.

As part of my researching for mom on genealogy, I came across another member of our family in a different branch that posted a picture of my great-great-grandfather's homestead as it looks today.  When I saw it, I immediately showed it to BN to which he replied, "Is it for sale?"

That land and our house plans...dreamy.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yesterday, as Pete was reading his grammar assignment, he asked,

"Mom, what does semile and metoffer mean?" ( I used these spellings to try and show the sounds he used.  Syllable emphasis on "mile" and "off")

I cracked up laughing.  He started laughing because I was laughing and then I explained the correct pronunciation.

He was asking about similes and metaphors.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Nutcracker Ballet

I should have known better about buying tickets for a ballet in little old Suffolk, but I thought, hey, I'll give it a try.  Our town converted the old downtown high school into a cultural arts center.  There have been numerous events, ballets, productions, etc and this is the first time I've bought tickets.  It's a beautiful building and I love old architecture like this.

What made it such a flop for me is that there were no props.  The last Nutcracker ballet BN and I saw was so beautiful and elaborate.  You could spend the entire show looking at the scenery and props and never need to actually watch anyone dance.  It was that good.

The ballet in Suffolk?   Well, I think they did a fine job with the dancing although a few of them looked less than thrilled to be there.  The top performers for me were the two guys.  Men ballerinas or whatever they are called really are fun to watch because they are so strong and tend to do the most fantastical things.  The "Nutcracker" guy, however, had on white tights and after the show, Pete said they should not wear pants like that.  He could see the guy's butt in detail. 

He was right.  It was slightly obscene.

Here's what I heard the entire time:

BN:  ( I heard nothing...he kept dozing off)
Pete:  How much longer is this thing?
Repete:  I'm starving and I'm sooo bored. (several octaves too loudly)
Me: (to myself) Damn, this really is lame.  I can't stop staring at the nutcracker's nuts.  I can't believe I paid $80 for this.  Those white pants are too revealing, I wonder what the boys are thinking.  I'll never be able to get the kids to agree to a ballet again. 


Saturday, December 3, 2011

I finally saw it.

Twilight, that is.  My sister had a free night and needed to take her son to meet his date at the movies, so we decided to double date with them.  The fact that we couldn't go in together or watch the same movie didn't bother us one little bit.

And I learned a valuable lesson:  never chew wintergreen gum at the movies during a quiet scene.

I don't know how it happened but the theater was so quiet and I switched from popcorn to gum during the scene where Bella is laboring and Jacob is in shock at her "death".  I stopped chewing - because it was so quiet in there I could hear myself chewing even with my mouth shut - and then it happened.

Somehow, wintergreen infused saliva slid down the back of my throat and into my windpipe.  I had to cough but it was so dang quiet in there, I tried not to.  The force of trying to hold that cough in made me pee my pants just a little (my bladder will never be the same after my 9 and 10 pound babies), so I tried to get enough breath to tell my sister I was leaving my purse and needed to go to the bathroom.  She, a nurse, was poised and ready to perform the Heimlich or CPR or something drastic and I put up my hand - like hold up a minute, I'm fine really - and my eyes were starting to water at this point and I was walking down the steps and across the aisle to the lobby exit.

A couple in front of me held open the door and I'm sure because of my tear stained eyes and slight convulsive-type heaving (still trying to be quiet and not wet my pants), they probably thought I was all choked up over Bella "dying".

Finally, I make it to a stall and pee, cough, pee, cough, etc.  Cough a few extra times as I wash my hands and then make my way back to the theater hoping I didn't miss Jacob shirtless or anything.

And that's how I learned to never chew wintergreen gum at the movies.


Thursday, December 1, 2011


The boys took their ornaments to the craft show today at our co-op and sold out!

They raised $31 to give to our local food bank.

I was going to take pictures, but forgot my phone and my camera is out for repairs.  But the display was nice if I must say so myself.  *pat pat*

Our friends are so generous with their time and money and I love that the boys decided to give to others.

Here is the poster Pete and RePete created that I framed for the table display.

How crappy is that picture taken on the webcam.  Anyway, the drawings are beautiful.  Great job to my boys!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deer Poop

You know you are a homeschooler when...

Three days ago, BN walked out front and came back in saying that the deer ate all my roses again and pooped on our walkway.

For whatever reason, nobody cleaned up the doo.  And then it just became a curiosity.

The boys and I have been examining the poop every day since.  First, the flies came.  Then the slug.  Then the rain.

Now there's nothing left but grasses of some sort. 

I was certain I'd find roses.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Banned! D=78

I've banned myself from the genealogy sites until after the holidays.  I was on the computer ALL DAY yesterday.  I mean ALL DAY.  It was fun and the discovery was awesome but oh my goodness what in the world?

Anyway, a year's subscription to one of the popular sites was my gift to my mom along with helping her do the research and scan in photos and keep backups of what we find.  So good luck, Mom.  I'll come back around after the new year begins...or later this evening.  Whichever.

In other news I have decided that we can never take another week off from school.  In fact, maybe we need to go at it 7 days a week.  Every time we take a break, it gets harder and harder to get back to the grind.

So much so that I am seriously considering finding an online school so someone else can teach and I can just monitor the progress.  Or maybe I just need meds.  Whichever.


Sunday, November 27, 2011


is a huge time suck.  But I just can't stop.

At least I found the perfect gift for my mother.


Friday, November 25, 2011

The Tree is Up

as usual.  We always put it up the day after Thanksgiving or soon thereafter if we are traveling. I'm not even sure why, but my mom always did, so now I do.

But it was delayed because after getting the durn thing put together and fluffing all the fake branches, I found out several strands of lights were out.  BN was able to get them to come on but was worried about the wiring maybe being loose and causing a fire, so down it came and off to BJs we went.

Now it's up and decorated but the rest of my house is a disaster area.  I had planned to do the trimming and get the house clean...  oh well, it's only Friday...  got plenty of time.

I thought about going out in the madness that is Black Friday, not because I need to buy any special deals but because I like being out in that mess.  Call me crazy, but I like it.  Although sitting here now, feeling tired from what little I did do today, I'm really glad I no longer BF. 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

(post dated)

We are at BN's parents today.  So looking forward to the wonderful company and food.  Hoping to also get away for a few minutes to visit at my mom's for a bit too.  Or better yet, hoping they will all come over to the inlaws and visit for a while.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ever feel like this

Me, 6, I think

first thing in the morning?  If I have to get up early one more time, I don't think I'll actually make it out of bed.

I've had a crazy past four days.  Not enough sleep.

I love that when I cover my hair on the sides of this picture, I see my boys at about the same age.

My mom used to take pictures of us on Christmas morning right after we woke up.  I like to do that to my boys now.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Market Day

Yes, that is the best I can do.

I really need to get hopping on the Christmas ornaments the boys and I are making.  Our homeschool co-op has started a craft fair once a month and for a small donation (determined by the seller), we can have a table to sell wares.  

I thought about selling something myself but everything I make is so laborious.  Take my socks that I knit.  I would have to charge about $100 per pair based on the hours of labor.  What?? I'm a slow knitter...but a good one.  :o)  At a very minimum, they would cost $10 just to cover the yarn.  So not worth it.

My soap takes time to cure and that requires pre-planning.  Not so good with that these days.

I'm just not in the mood to mass produce anything right now, so I decided not to make anything.

Until the fair in October happened.

Someone set paper and markers out on a table for the kids to draw and one of them got the idea to sell their artwork (just like the adults).  RePete drew and sold three works of art.  He made 45 cents.

And the fever set in.

Now both boys want to have something to sell so I decided to help them make the ornaments my mom taught us to make.  They are having fun and I plan to really dress up the table for them.  Pictures to come since our sale won't be until December 1st.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Lessons

Having a baby in the house will teach many things.  

First, I really need to dust. 

 Secondly, my iPhone is way too slow to ever catch him.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our boys had a music recital today.  Our co-op meets at a local church and the recital was held in the sanctuary.  During a lull, in front of God and everyone,  RePete looked up at the stained glass and said, "Jesus looks lovely in that glass."

All heads turned to see Jesus hanging on the cross.  Ahem.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dreaded 28 Foot Rope

My husband is a Crossfitter.  He LOVES Crossfitting.  One of the items used in their workouts is the rope.  So he bought one and he somehow managed to get that rope thrown over and tied to a branch twenty-eight feet in the air.

And then he climbed it.
Then our darling boys took over.

For some reason swinging causes them to open their mouths.
But it is not the swing or the open mouths or the loads of fun they are having that causes me pain.  It's the dust.  All of that dirt beneath the big tree gets kicked up and rolled in and brought into our house.  

If I weren't afraid of heights, I'd chop that thing down.

I just noticed the difference in the trees from a couple of weeks ago to now.  Wow.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I've decided I need a new hobby.  I have so many half finished projects, I figured adding a few more won't hurt a thing, except the already crowded spaces in my house.

Ever since I bought and made this pattern,  the company I purchased it from has been sending me emails showcasing awesome fabrics.  (I bought these fabrics from a local fabric store.)

I am a sucker for pretty things and fabrics are one of my favorites.  I have a piece of toile that I've had for about 8 years now.  I found it at the Design Center in Washington, DC when I was studying interior design and used it in one of my projects.

Anyway, (D=47*), I found this at Fat Quarters online a few weeks ago.

I bought this coordinated set of fabrics and they are a little bit crazy but I love them all and I plan to use them on smaller items, like a wallet pattern I bought from a Lazy Girl like me,  and small accessory bags, like for makeup or personal items in a purse.  Mixing and matching wherever I can.

I can't wait to start. 

*my discombobulation number

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Like father, like son...

Clothes shopping with BN is a waiting game.  He takes quite a while to choose the clothes and then he has to try them on.  It sounds pretty normal unless you are the one waiting.  The wait goes on and on and on.  And the funny thing is that the clothes he chooses look exactly like the other clothes hanging in the closet and folded in the dresser.  Not sure what all the indecision is about.

Pete takes time too.  His isn't about being choosy but more about finding a comfortable fit.  His clothes have to be just so or he can't wear them.  We spent way too much time in the store today.  He came out with two pair of jeans and two shirts.

I'm exhausted.


Friday, November 11, 2011


What an auspicious number.

Today the boys and I took a friend and went to the beach to watch the Tidewater Veteran's Day Parade.  I laughed, I cried, I waved, I clapped and I thanked every veteran that I could.  I loved having the boys there with me and explaining what the different groups represented.  I especially enjoyed seeing my nephew lead his JROTC by calling cadence.  Great moment.

I would love to live in a world of peace and love, but until that happens, I'm proud to have served my country and I am proud of those that came before me and those that are currently serving. 

Happy Veteran's Day,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

#10 - I hate school

This was said by Pete a week or so ago and I took it as a personal affront and told him so. 
I let him know that I quit a perfectly good job because I wanted to stay home with him and then his brother.  When we realized that our school system wasn't right for us, we pulled him out of school and began homeschooling so that he could be free to be himself.  I spend a lot of money and time searching for just the perfect curricula for them both.  And I spend a lot of time and money driving the two of them around every week, so that they can participate in co-ops, theater, and sports.

He corrected himself by saying it wasn't school he hated, but things that were hard to do in school.  Then he thanked me homeschooling him.

Reason #4,197 why I love that kid.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More on LGW

NaBloPoMo #9

One article Laura Grace Weldon wrote dealt with violence.  While skimming it, I found that the bigger message could easily be applied to everyday life.  Something as small as resolving conflicts within a loving, peaceful family.  (she herself may have said something similar, but I was skimming so may have missed some points)  And it made me think about my dad's visit this weekend.

"Nonviolence requires a level of conviction and inner strength that makes violence look easy."

Back in the day, my dad's day, kids were seen and not heard and spanking was just part of life.  He grew up in an orphanage and I'm sure the mentality there reinforced these ideas.  As he's gotten older and raised other kids, including many step-siblings and my 15 year old half-brother, he's softened a bit.  But on some things, he hasn't budged.

While visiting this past week, there were several occasions where I saw him shake his head and make that little hrmph sound as an indication that my boys were doing something wrong.  Those times included them getting rowdy and back talking.  He also said something to me once or twice about not letting them talk that way to me.

On some levels, I see it.  On others, I don't.  BN and I have always shared the opinion that human beings are human beings, no matter their age.  And thus deserve the same dignities and preservation of self. 

For one, we don't spank or smack.  I always cringe when I see a person smack a baby.  Babies don't know any better and smacking is not our solution.  Their world is all about the exploration and sometimes that includes the "no-nos".  There are plenty of ways to dissuade that discovery or behavior that do not involve violence.

Once the babies leave that phase they are just like us only smaller - both in size and knowledge base. 

Anyway, I'm am way off track.  Back to the story.

I admit that I probably let my kids get away with small infractions.  I always discuss these issues, but don't always act on them unless bodily harm is involved.  Or mental and emotional harm in the case of teasing and name calling.  Or it involves social norms and how we deal with it.  (we homeschoolers have a social stigma, apparently)

Kids get rowdy.  As long as they are in our home and they are not bothering anyone else, I don't correct them.  Based on my dad's hrmph, I knew they needed to take the fun elsewhere.  No problem.

As far as the back talking or what dad perceived as back talking, well, I might be a bit wishy washy on this matter.  BN and I believe that kids get a say in things.  Do they get a say in our finances?  No.  Do they get a say in what BN and I personally do?  No.  But in respect to their own lives, they get a say.

So when I tell them to stop what they are doing and do something else, I allow for some negotiation.  My dad doesn't.

But my kids are well adjusted human beings.  Capable of thinking for themselves.  And that's how I roll.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Nablomono #8

I'm actually gonna squeak this one in on time.  I tend to get thoroughly engrossed in things in the evenings.  My nightly interest might include knitting, crafting, reading, editing photos, or just vegging in front of the tv with my favorite man.

Tonight, while looking over curricula, I came across a newsletter with this writer, Laura Grace Weldon.  Her website has me glued to my laptop.  Everything she writes about, I want to copy and paste somewhere I'll see it again and be able to share with others. 

Go on over and read.  I have some things to ponder.


Monday, November 7, 2011


Apparently, I'm not cut out for this everyday thing.  I thought about writing yesterday up until I went to bed, but I was busy scanning old photos for my mom and editing them.  Ones like this.

Original scan of my grandmother as a young girl.

After editing

I decided to leave the cardboard backing intact just because I like it.  It helps further date the picture.  For my family, it's nice to have these photos especially since my grandmother passed away last April.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Digital Photography

has put me in photo hell.  I am sifting and sorting and deleting like crazy.  It doesn't help that I am now using a windows computer and I'm not used to the key shortcuts and for some reason I have three of everything.  I have no idea how that happened. 

One day, I'll get to the editing and digital scrapbooking.
That is...if I can stop taking more photos and adding to the chaos.


Nablo #6

Friday, November 4, 2011

(Day 4) I should explain

Yesterday, This morning I back-dated my post and blamed it on my dad. (oopsie)

He was coming for a visit and was expected to be here at 9pm.  So I put off cleaning until Thursday afternoon, because I figured I had time. 

My plan on Thursday was co-op from 9:30 to 1:30, then home for our school work and then get RePete to the soccer field for a make-up game, and then back home where I would have about three hours to pick up the house, make dinner, blog and be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Dad's arrival.

Yeah right on a couple of counts.  More than likely, I would have been glassy-eyed and dragging-my-tail and he showed up as I was rushing to get RePete's soccer gear on and get out the door at 4:45.  So he joined us for the game and my lovely husband took us all out to dinner.

And then I came home and sunk my hiney into the couch, watched Three and a Half Men reruns with Dad until we all yawned each other into going to bed.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know October was Breast Cancer awareness month and I missed the boat, but I wanted to put in a plug for thermograms.  Last November after my physical, I scheduled a mammogram as per my doctor's suggestion.  I have to admit that other than the wait and having a strange women pull and tug and rearrange my breasts (oh and not being able to wear deodorant) multiple times, it wasn't so bad.  I'd heard the horror stories of the pain and the squeezing and squashing.

A week or so after that I received a letter stating that there was an area of concern and that I needed to come back for a second mammo and possibly an ultrasound.

Even though we have no family history of cancers and even though my gut told me that it was nothing, in fact it was probably just my fibrous boobs (family history), letters like that will make you pause and cause butterflies in the tummy.

So I called and set a second appointment and then my doctor called that same day to make sure I was scheduling an appointment and then I went.

THIS time it hurt.  The area of concern was on the area closest to my underarm but still on the breast area.  It actually made me cry.  And then they did two ultrasounds.  It took FOREVER.

The whole time I kept thinking, this can't be good for me.  The squishing and the squashing just didn't feel right to me and I vowed to myself and my doctor (who called for a follow up and insisted on a six month mammo to set a baseline) that I would never do this again.

So here we are almost a year later and I'm due for a physical again and I thought I'd be proactive by getting a thermogram.

I highly recommend them.  There's no squeezing, there's no squashing and the results are instantaneous.  I'd love to share my results but I've gotta keep things PG on here and am not in the mood for the type of spam I'd get from that.

Anyhoo, it was just fibrous tissue.  Btw, they aren't covered by insurance.  Figures.

Test you breast,

ps here's a link to Dr. Mercola's site with a video that describes it rather well.
pss it cost me about $200 and I'll gladly pay it again.
psss neither procedure is 100%

Friday, October 14, 2011

21 years and still going strong

Yesterday marked 21 years since BN and I got  married.  And well, that's a long time.  Only it doesn't seem like all that long ago.

Just yesterday, my oldest was talking about how dad never gives up.  (apparently not on me either - teehee) Right now he has the boys semi-convinced that he is Batman. 

So I told him a story from when we were first married.


One day back when we were newly married, I winked at BN.  BN looked at me and blinked both eyes.  I asked him if he meant to blink both eyes or could he not wink and he stated that he could not wink.

I was stunned because I never knew this about him.  Prior to marriage, we had dated for almost 5 years.  How could I not know this about my beloved, the future father of my children, the one with whom I share all my secrets?

Ten years pass and we had our oldest son.  BN looked at me from across the room and winked.  Needless to say, my mouth fell agape and I asked, "when did you learn to wink?"

He just laughed and said, "I've always known how to wink."


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The day the TV went out...

It was a dark and  It really was.  We had just been cleared of the two tornado warnings in our area and with all the rain and the wind, we just wanted to hunker down and watch a movie.

BN was out of town and a neighbor kid just home from school was hunkering down with us.  Then, "POP!" and the 55 inch screen went dark.  At first there was excitement over the popping noise and then disbelief that we couldn't watch t.v. or a movie or play a video game. 

That television was the only one in the house because BN and I are strict about keeping all television activity in the family room.  Our bedroom is used for two things and t.v. is not one of them.  We don't allow televisions in the boys' rooms because we don't want them spending so much time apart from the family, which happens with kids we know that have access to games and computers and televisions in their own rooms.

So when the boob tube went out and the mourning period was over, the boys grabbed their big box of markers and art pads and sat at the table drawing until dinner.

We spent the remainder of Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday without television.  The boys played outside when it wasn't raining and when it was, they played indoors.  Simple as that.

You can bet your booty that we are fixing the problem, but I'm kinda liking the silence.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Week in Review (Sep 19-23)

This week has been a testament to my garbled mind.  I've talked about funny things the boys say, clothing, gardening, cholesterol and grammar and writing.  No focus button.

Pete started his Film Crew this week and he seems happy to be a part of it.  I know he'll love it even more when the actual filming takes place.

RePete is rocking the soccer field.  He loves soccer.  In fact, he smiles the entire time he plays.  It's a joy to watch. 

I've come up with a reward system to get RePete to learn his sight words.  Money talks, people.

I met up with a friend at co-op that I hadn't seen since last spring and we had a blast catching up.  She's a total free spirit and I'm a closet free spirit and it's liberating to be around her.

I'm focusing my spare time on holistic remedies for various maladies and I'm also trying to get back into yoga.

BN has a 30 hour adventure race this weekend.  We thought about going along and camping but he won't be there for taking the tent down all the fun, so we decided to wait until another time to camp.  Not sure what the boys and I will be doing this weekend.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Growing Boys

I can't believe how big my boys are getting.  This past weekend we were hit with a cold front and Pete had zero pants and RePete had one pair.  I don't know how that happened except I do have a fuzzy memory of sneaking worn running pants into the trash each time I did a load of laundry this past spring. Pete has a thing for comfortable clothing.

I also recall a dim memory of loading jean after jean into the bag I donate to the Vets every couple of months.  RePete likes things a little more polished and likes jeans and collared shirts.   Although, his Tony Hawk t-shirt collection is spilling out of his drawer.

All this meant we had to go clothes shopping.  Of course, on the way to the store, Pete declared that he would only be purchasing running pants.  RePete stated that he needed a new hoodie since he only had one in the closet.  Hmmm.  Thoughts are seeping out that show me putting hoodie after hoodie into the Vet bag last spring when I washed and stowed our coats.

While Pete tried on his pants of choice I was looking at jeans and picked up his size with the added Husky on the label.  His issue with clothing goes back to when he was very little.  He's never liked elastic on the arms or legs and has always preferred soft clothing to stiffer items, like jeans.  But I took a chance and showed him the pants and asked him just to try them and if he didn't like them, I was fine with that.  Well he liked them.  He liked them a lot.  Even though he doesn't need a husky, that little bit of extra room kept the jeans from feeling so...jean-like.  And the jeans had the worn look, so they were softer anyway.  We bought three pair.

RePete was easy because he likes jeans and I just picked up three pair in his size.  He found the hoodie of his dreams, but they didn't have his size.  I found the manager and there were none in the back and none at the other stores.  He couldn't even find it at the store online.  So we are on the hunt for it ourselves online.  Somebody has to sell it.  Normally, I'd have him pick something else, but he's not a picky kid and will wear just about anything I give him (since I like tailored clothing myself) and I want him happy.

And then I came home and found a Rubbermaid tub in the top of Pete's closet that had a label of 8-10 winter on it.  Now Pete has six more brand new pair of pants.  These were jeans and stiffer cargo type pants that Pete would never wear.  There were also five winter shirts for Repete.  So other than the hoodie, he's done.  I love hand-me-downs.

Now to take a better inventory of Pete's drawers and see how much more shopping I need to do.


Garden Woes

Our garden was a total bust this year.  No cucumbers.  Five tomatoes. A handful of green beans and limas.  Oh and a couple of servings of lettuce and spinach.  No zuchinni, no peppers of any kind, and watermelons and cantaloupes that didn't ripen.

Look how sad this is. 

I was so disappointed that I didn't even take many pictures.  I'm not sure what happened this time around but I am seriously thinking of going back to the old row planting.  Not sure how we'll handle the moles/voles whatever they are, but this square thing isn't working for me.  I'm sure it works, I've seen other gardeners who use it, but I can't get it right.  I want to not only be able to provide food for my family during the growing season, but also be able to freeze or can items for future use.  I am so envious of the other gardeners I see or read that have been able to do this.


Friday, September 16, 2011

He said, He said

We have a new little girl living in our cul-de-sac.  It doesn't bother her at all that only boys live around these parts.  Pete came in from playing the other day and said, "Girl are too hard to play with.  They're so bossy." 


We had our annual termite inspection done on the house and we had the bug guy take care of the ants by the back door.  He let me know that while under our house, he came across a snake skin and it wasn't a black snake.  He believes it was from a water moccasin (we live on the water) and he laid the skin just inside the crawl space door to warn anyone entering to be careful and look for snakes.  Pete and RePete speculated on what other type snakes it could have been (BN had to kill one recently and the fascination with snakes is high right now) and RePete asked, "Do you think it was a black mama?"  He meant mamba.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

I burned water

 I've said for years that I wanted a personal chef.  I think this is proof that I require one.  I forgot that I put water on the stove to boil.

I've heard people use the expression that they are so bad at cooking they burn water.  I've officially done it.  I'm that bad. 
I wonder if my pan is safe to use.  It was actually smoking. This is a comparison of what my sauce pans usually look like and what happened with the water incident.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

D = 33

The other day, Karmyn commented on my blog post about schedules that she was disorganized and couldn't get her chaos under control. 

I've decided that since I turned 40, I am always in some stage of discombobulation.  In fact, I should probably start each post with my number.  You know, like a sleep number, only mine would tell my discombobulation number.

Today...not so bad.  I managed to get everyone up, get to the soccer field on time, clean bathrooms, clean carpets and now I'm settled in for a relaxing night.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Schedules

I started keeping our schedule on a form that I found on and it has worked great except that it makes me think in weeks instead of days.  If we have a holiday or an impromptu visit from family or friends and we miss a day of our "week", then I get all discombobulated.

I then have to add that day to the next week but since we can only school four days during the week, it leaves me having to double up or skipping, or moving that last day to the next week and it's like bowling pins falling one after the other.  At some point we knock them all out, but it takes time.  And I'm frazzled.  

And slightly crazy.

I could save myself the frustration by using a weekend day to complete the work or the evening of that missed day, but those times are sacred to us as a family.  And even though I like to consider myself a hip homeschooler and an outside the box thinker, in reality, I like the inside of the box.

So I need to do something else.  I think it will be as simple as erasing the days of the week from the top of the page and just doing the next day.  Technically, I already do that, but seeing that Monday, Tuesday... at the top of the page really makes me crazy when it's Monday and we are doing Thursdays work!

Now where's my whiteout?  Do they even sell it anymore?


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Laptop

I got a new laptop.  RePete broke my old one a few years ago and I just couldn't justify buying another - although I pined for one.

This year I decided I could justify it.  My photos are taking up all the available space on our home computer.  Add Pete's *films to the gigabytes* have officially overloaded the Mac.

Between being able to move my photos here and having the mobility to work on them while the kids are in co-op and being able to bring school work with us, I bought one.  What I couldn't justify was the price of a new Mac, so it's old school for me.  Windows?  I am having to reteach myself what that means.  Are they still called IBM compatibles?  Mine is a Sony VAIO.

I miss the Mac. I miss my comfort level and I don't like that every time I turn this thing on or off, updates have to load before either happens.  What happened between yesterday and today that is so important that it just has to be uploaded?  You'd think that as long as Windows has been out, it'd be a done deal by now.  I can't figure it out.

The other learning curve is that I no longer have Adobe Bridge.  I use it on the Mac to organize my photos.  It was left over from when I had PhotoShop CS3.  Now I use Elements because I just don't need all the bells and whistles on PS.

Elements 9 has its own organizer and while I like it, it has bugs, I think.  Every so often it quits on me.  Or is it Windows fault?  I have no clue.  My technologically challenged brain can't comprehend these happenings.

Which begs an answer to why I think I can scrapbook on the computer?  Circle cutters anyone?


Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love this time of year.  I love that the heat will simmer down.  I love that nature turns on the colorvision and I love that school starts.

Even though my kids don't hop on a yellow bus and leave me at home, we do get back into a routine, or more like a rhythm.  Our co-op starts.  Soccer and bowling leagues start.  We participate in homeschool days at local sites and of course we "do school" each day.

We started our bookwork about five weeks ago and this week I decided to take off.  We had a pool party with our co-op today and tomorrow we leave to visit family and I figured we'd just enjoy this last week of summer without school.

That turned out to be a mistake.  My natives are restless and I am so glad this week is over.  It's really put a damper on things having the squabbling start back up.  I've found that keeping them busy prevents most of the fussing.  Bored kids don't have time to fight.

Their future looks to be VERY busy.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook - Best of 2010

I found some posts that never got posted and I figured I went through all the trouble to write them, so they might as well get face time. 

February 25, 2011
Trying to load music on the old iPod and after listening to Barney and Veggie Tales for the past 10 years, I realize I don't know what I likey anymore. Hmm. Any suggestions...

I was asking RePete to write letters on the white board. So I asked for a G. He wrote one. Then I asked for a little g. He turned around and wrote his uppercase G smaller. I was rolling. I'll need to say upper and lower case from now on.

The boys enjoyed skating today. Now to buy them their own blades. The ones at the rink are nasty. Hi. My name is Robin and I am a germophobe.

Is our President smarter than fifth graders? Overheard at homeschool co-op today. (2 eleven yo boys) Boy1: Man, the price of Legos is going up and the number of pieces in the box is going down. Boy2: Yeah. Prices go up, economy goes down. It's how it is, dude. sigh. Me: snickering.

Pete had his first B-Ball game today. They lost by two points. 16-18. Pete scored his first point, (basket or whatever you call it), and was awesome on the rebounds.

My son was singing some made up Jesus song and then segued right into Bohemian Rhapsody. Thanks, Muppets

Just made reefer cookies. Yum!

Finally taking my friend Pogo's advice and just saying no. This is the year I'm going to do it. :o)

Young lady in my son's theater class said to me today, "Your son is not the goofiest boy in class." It makes this mother proud. :o)

Working on writing better sentences with Pete. He had to write a 2 word sentence, then add a third word, forth, fifth and sixth. His final sentence........... I pooped super fast yesterday evening. UGH!

For homeschool pictures today, I asked the boys to pick decent clothes to wear. RePete picked his Seaworld t-shirt and Pete picked a shirt that says, I do my own stunts. Sheesh! At least they are true to themselves. Gotta love that.

Pete looked up Butt Man at the library today. To him it meant a superhero who squishes bad guys with his huge butt. The library held books with a different meaning...Thanks for that, Suffolk Public Library.

I noticed BN in 9th grade because he was drumming on his desk while we were taking a test. Totally annoyed me! Loved him ever since. We'll be married 20 years this coming October.

Hey got a beautifully made black woven glove for sale. All it will cost you is potato night at your house. - Doodah

What is this enemy of the day thing and why do I have enemies? Robin = good, Facebook apps = bad. :o)

RePete just took me on a tour of our woods and introduced me to Devil Stick Alley. Holy crap, I didn't know they were playing in that!

hey you had me jealous, had to change my profile pic...... haha... I'm the best daughter now..... - Doodah

RePete read his first book! Woohoo. And he and Pete have a mystery rash on their faces and arms. I think it is from their fort building in the woods.

Mystery rash revealed. Our nature study tomorrow will be on Poison Ivy/Oak

Don't mind me. I'm just dream weaving.

HELL YEAH! If you have a wonderful husband who would do anything for you and your family, then repost this as your status because great men are few and far between, and I have one! ♥ Thanks, Darling!

I see your thongs...haha! - Pogo

Pogo and Robinella ride again!

Spring how Robin got her groove back! Enjoy your day.

The rain is falling, the birds are singing and I just scared the crap out of the squirrel on our bird feeder. I love Mondays.

I just bet my oldest that he can't go two days without touching aka pestering his younger brother and I bet the youngest that he can't go two days without his earth shattering scream he does when he gets upset. I really hope I lose. :o)

We're off to Annandale tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh and fingers crossed BN does well in his competition.

My boys are doing an experiment with cheese. It's on the basketball court beside the house. And don't touch me because apparently I have the "cheese touch."

Serenity. Serendipitous. Of course, it's only 9:30am. :o)

I walked outside in a tanktop and Pete said, "Mom? You have muscle shirts? Cool."

I won't make it to old age; the stress will kill me first. Monday I had to give Pete the Heimlich (jellybeans!) and RePete was on concussion watch from a whack to the head from a friend's bike (???). I am wrapping them both in cotton batting today.

Gave Pete some watermelon and he tasted it and gave it back. Said it was "too watery". :o)

Pete and RePete each have a comic book for sale. Mom? Della? 75 cents. Get them while they are hot. :o)

Yay me! Got free dirt today to help fill our back yard and now the boys are playing in it. I know two people who have a date with the garden hose.

You're the 'most awesomest' friend anyone could ever have! Thanks for ya! - Pogo

Have decided to close down one our bathrooms in lieu of shopping for toilet paper. 

Squirrels - 2, Me - 0. I WILL figure this out.

My son HAS been listening to my teachings. He's giving his friends an art lesson right now. :o)

Please put this on your status if you know, or are related to someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand that the Empire is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants only to bring peace to the galaxy, but the evil Empire continues to kill innocent ...civilians...... 93% won’t copy/paste this, despite the obvious disturbance in the force.

I have to say I prefer work politics to SAHM etiquette. Blech!

It's official. I'm Teacher of the Year! My son is now giving grammar lessons to his older friend. He just corrected him and gave a full explanation of double negatives. sigh. This concludes fourth grade.

Pete's first play and performance will be June 19th, 1pm. Call me if interested in the details and attendance.

Somebody is really excited about camping this weekend and snorkeling.

I just walked into the Y, threw money on the counter and rejoined. Then I promptly walked back out the front door and bought doughnuts. NOT a good way to get back on a regimen. lol.

Worked out with Pete today at the Y. He did awesome. I remember, not so long ago, I used to leave him in childwatch with his sippy cup. sniff.

I'm pooped.

Back from a sad, but wonderful time with family in DE. RIP Aunt Jo.

Perfect at the beach today. There was a fog off the coast and as the day progressed, more and more ships began to appear. The boys called them ghost ships.

RePete took off his life jacket at the pool today and swam like a fish! He's been hiding all those skills underneath his *babysuit*. Now to get him proficient and I can relax in the loungers for the first time in 10 years.

I told the boys to clean their room today and they asked if they could clean everything except the junkyard they just made and were playing in. ??? Somehow they don't see that the entire room is a junkyard. :oP

Scout Camp is finally over. RePete and I had such a good time, even with the heat index over 100. He earned so many badges, patches, and belt loops but his favorite was earned on the BB range. He earned his Junior USA Shooting Team Patch. He's never shot a gun so we had no idea we had a little marksman.

Pete was mobbed at the pool today. They thought he looked like Justin Bieber. One even took his picture! hahaha If his acting gig falls through, maybe he can be a JB stand in or look-alike.

Finding your first cucumber in the lackluster garden is almost as exciting as...well maybe not that exciting. But Woohoo, look at my cukes 

Fondue, facials and warning shots, OH MY!

To quote my sister, "The movie would have been better if we weren't sitting in front of the lady with bubonic plague." I'm still picking lung out of my hair. - R

Mark got a clean bill of health, nephew here, and now I'm getting the van loaded. Had to buy a hitch and bike rack so we can haul the bikes for our Sunday adventure. The kids will thank me later. (inset evil laugh) Can't wait.

I did it! I ran! Now I'm just wondering why I'm so excited about running.

Ladies night! Hanging with Pogo.

I love my life. And for once I'm not being sarcastic. ♥

Finally! "Dead in the Family" is on my iPod. Now if you will all excuse me...

Redo-ing the pantry today. Paint and new shelves. The best part was going through the food and throwing out the expired ones. The good news is that all the expired stuff was processed, prepackaged stuff which we don't use anymore anyway.

I think I would have told Brian "Hi my name is Sally, and here's the rest of your tip and leave him a $1.59. Service is service but attitude and manners are worth paying for too. -Mom

What is your favorite baby shower game? Crude rude, cute, silly, sweet - I want them all.

Aha...caught you!! I'm sitting at the computer being poked by my kids...after viewing my daughters wall, I see why!! Sneaky, sneaky!! You get creativity points...but you have to listen to me whine about my sore arm...haha! -Pogo

I've got rock music blaring out the window so The Boys & Co. can hear it while they shoot Nerf bullets at soda cans. The last days of summer are golden.

My poor RePete. He thinks he is losing his imagination because when he tries to play make believe games with Jack, he just isn't into it as much anymore. He's growing up. *sniff*

Great time at the baby shower today. Thanks to my mom for helping to make it a success. Love you, Mom!

Can't find my energy. Has anyone seen it?

Limas harvested from my garden. I plan to eat them one at a time! - R
     Bite them like little sammiches...then they'll last! - Pogo

Our neighbor is renting his house to a police officer and family and RePete said at first, he and his friends were excited to have police living so close, and then they thought it was bad a idea because he and his friends couldn't do dumb stuff. lol.

RePete just told me that I was the best Mom ever! :o)

Yoo hoo, Robinella...Pogo wants to know if tomorrow night is still a Go Go - Pogo

Twenty years ago, in a tiny courthouse in Millington TN, I married the man of my dreams. ♥ ♥ ♥

RePete's soccer game was so exciting today and he's only 6! I will probably burst from excitement when he's older and REALLY playing.

They are so stylish, comfy and warm...they haven't been off my feet since I got home :) Thanks again, thoughtful friend ♥ - Pogo referring to socks I made her

Jack has poison ivy/oak/sumac (?) again. The woods behind our house are officially off limits to all little people. Especially in what the boys call "Devil Stick Alley".


WARNING These images may be too graphic for parents. Won't you please help save the spackling compound? After today, it's endangered. - after BN fixed the boys walls for painting

I gave in! I let the boys put up the Christmas tree and only three ornaments were broken. Ya'll know how much I love my tree. I need a sedative.

We lost our Kubi cat today. It was peaceful. She was a good friend.

Just texted my homeslice while playing Angry Birds on my hand-me-down iPhone. I've finally made it into the 21st century. Now let's see if I can get anything else done. :o)

At dinner with Pogo and as usual my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Love it.

I told the boys in the car today that if they didn't stop the bickering, they would only get coal for Christmas. A few minutes later I looked back and Repete was crying. My heart shriveled up and died in that instant.

My sister and nephew are visiting tonight. Can't wait to see them.
Pete and I said something at the same time and he knocked on the wall and said, "Knock on wood, Jinx, you owe me a soda." lol.

I played the cd Glee Season I while we ate dinner and as we were getting up, "Bust a Move" came on and you know we all starting busting a move. It was an uncontrived thing of beauty. Love those men of mine.

He was born last Wed and both he and Doodah are doing well. He was 7.15lbs and 21 in. He's so cute and sweet and new. - My newest Nephew born Dec 15.

Beautiful night to be out with a camera. Unfortunately, those foxes scared the poop out of me and I had to come in.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray! - Pogo