Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Crew

If you are new to my site, you may find yourself feeling a little woozy. If you are just feeling confused about who we all are, then read on.

Robinella - that's me. artist. crafter. holder of many useless degrees. i home educate my boys and never leave their sides.

BN - my extraordinary husband. musician. software engineer. all-around handyman for our home.

Pete - my very spirited son, born 2000. artist. actor. budding film-maker.

RePete - as the name suggests, he wants to be just like Pete, born 2004. artist, gamer. lego enthusiast.

Doodah - my baby sister. nurse.

Pogo - my best friend. strong supporter.

Mommy - well, umm, she's my mommy.

T-bone - 1995. my nephew. smart. my son's idol.

LJ - 2010.  my newest nephew and a grunting rolly polly.

Uncle C - my little brother. born 1996. a whole lot younger than I.

I introduce as I go along for anyone else. Keep up.

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