Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Skipping Rocks

My boys love skipping rocks. Most days we take walks around our neighborhood and our walks
wouldn't be complete without a pit stop at our neighborhood pier. Seeing the changes through the
seasons that happen at the water with the waterfowl and ecosystem is a learning adventure.
But skipping rocks is where it's at.

Our journey in homeschooling has been a lot like rock skipping.

How you hold the rock determines success or failure. Flat rocks work best and with a quick flick, the
rock, nestled in the crook of your first finger, lightly resting on the stack of the remaining fingers and
gently held in place by the thumb, will fling effortlessly out of your hand and across the water.

Choosing the right schooling fit for your family helps determines success or failure. And it isn't all
about the curriculum as one might think. It's also about how you school. Do you unschool, do you use
Montessori? How about classical and Charlotte Mason? Or an eclectic mix of them all?
We've run the gamut in our house. We chose to unschool in the younger years - learning through play
and experiences. Then gradually, we introduced more formal learning through books. And now two
years away from high school, we are thinking towards the future and how we might have to switch
gears again.

If your technique is correct, or you have tremendous luck, your rock will skim the surface of the water.  At each touch it creates a rippling effect.

Home education is even more than books and styles. It about creating opportunities for your child to
grow and succeed. Homeschooling allows the child freedom to explore areas of interest in-depth.
We've accomplished this by participating in statewide events, and more close to home, co-ops. Each
friend we make, activity we participate in and class we take furthers those opportunities.
My younger son is still exploring. My older son decided early on that acting is what he wants to do in
life. He's joined theater groups, taken drama courses and camps and is in the process of obtaining an

Now sit back and admire the effect. Or jump around. The first time that rock makes contact and you
see it skip, skip, skip, is an amazing feeling.

We've had our ups and downs. It's all part of the process. But after six years, we're pretty comfortable