Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook - Best of 2010

I found some posts that never got posted and I figured I went through all the trouble to write them, so they might as well get face time. 

February 25, 2011
Trying to load music on the old iPod and after listening to Barney and Veggie Tales for the past 10 years, I realize I don't know what I likey anymore. Hmm. Any suggestions...

I was asking RePete to write letters on the white board. So I asked for a G. He wrote one. Then I asked for a little g. He turned around and wrote his uppercase G smaller. I was rolling. I'll need to say upper and lower case from now on.

The boys enjoyed skating today. Now to buy them their own blades. The ones at the rink are nasty. Hi. My name is Robin and I am a germophobe.

Is our President smarter than fifth graders? Overheard at homeschool co-op today. (2 eleven yo boys) Boy1: Man, the price of Legos is going up and the number of pieces in the box is going down. Boy2: Yeah. Prices go up, economy goes down. It's how it is, dude. sigh. Me: snickering.

Pete had his first B-Ball game today. They lost by two points. 16-18. Pete scored his first point, (basket or whatever you call it), and was awesome on the rebounds.

My son was singing some made up Jesus song and then segued right into Bohemian Rhapsody. Thanks, Muppets

Just made reefer cookies. Yum!

Finally taking my friend Pogo's advice and just saying no. This is the year I'm going to do it. :o)

Young lady in my son's theater class said to me today, "Your son is not the goofiest boy in class." It makes this mother proud. :o)

Working on writing better sentences with Pete. He had to write a 2 word sentence, then add a third word, forth, fifth and sixth. His final sentence........... I pooped super fast yesterday evening. UGH!

For homeschool pictures today, I asked the boys to pick decent clothes to wear. RePete picked his Seaworld t-shirt and Pete picked a shirt that says, I do my own stunts. Sheesh! At least they are true to themselves. Gotta love that.

Pete looked up Butt Man at the library today. To him it meant a superhero who squishes bad guys with his huge butt. The library held books with a different meaning...Thanks for that, Suffolk Public Library.

I noticed BN in 9th grade because he was drumming on his desk while we were taking a test. Totally annoyed me! Loved him ever since. We'll be married 20 years this coming October.

Hey got a beautifully made black woven glove for sale. All it will cost you is potato night at your house. - Doodah

What is this enemy of the day thing and why do I have enemies? Robin = good, Facebook apps = bad. :o)

RePete just took me on a tour of our woods and introduced me to Devil Stick Alley. Holy crap, I didn't know they were playing in that!

hey you had me jealous, had to change my profile pic...... haha... I'm the best daughter now..... - Doodah

RePete read his first book! Woohoo. And he and Pete have a mystery rash on their faces and arms. I think it is from their fort building in the woods.

Mystery rash revealed. Our nature study tomorrow will be on Poison Ivy/Oak

Don't mind me. I'm just dream weaving.

HELL YEAH! If you have a wonderful husband who would do anything for you and your family, then repost this as your status because great men are few and far between, and I have one! ♥ Thanks, Darling!

I see your thongs...haha! - Pogo

Pogo and Robinella ride again!

Spring how Robin got her groove back! Enjoy your day.

The rain is falling, the birds are singing and I just scared the crap out of the squirrel on our bird feeder. I love Mondays.

I just bet my oldest that he can't go two days without touching aka pestering his younger brother and I bet the youngest that he can't go two days without his earth shattering scream he does when he gets upset. I really hope I lose. :o)

We're off to Annandale tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Oh and fingers crossed BN does well in his competition.

My boys are doing an experiment with cheese. It's on the basketball court beside the house. And don't touch me because apparently I have the "cheese touch."

Serenity. Serendipitous. Of course, it's only 9:30am. :o)

I walked outside in a tanktop and Pete said, "Mom? You have muscle shirts? Cool."

I won't make it to old age; the stress will kill me first. Monday I had to give Pete the Heimlich (jellybeans!) and RePete was on concussion watch from a whack to the head from a friend's bike (???). I am wrapping them both in cotton batting today.

Gave Pete some watermelon and he tasted it and gave it back. Said it was "too watery". :o)

Pete and RePete each have a comic book for sale. Mom? Della? 75 cents. Get them while they are hot. :o)

Yay me! Got free dirt today to help fill our back yard and now the boys are playing in it. I know two people who have a date with the garden hose.

You're the 'most awesomest' friend anyone could ever have! Thanks for ya! - Pogo

Have decided to close down one our bathrooms in lieu of shopping for toilet paper. 

Squirrels - 2, Me - 0. I WILL figure this out.

My son HAS been listening to my teachings. He's giving his friends an art lesson right now. :o)

Please put this on your status if you know, or are related to someone killed on Alderaan when it was obliterated by the Death Star. My wish is that people will understand that the Empire is a band of murdering scum. The Rebel Alliance wants only to bring peace to the galaxy, but the evil Empire continues to kill innocent ...civilians...... 93% won’t copy/paste this, despite the obvious disturbance in the force.

I have to say I prefer work politics to SAHM etiquette. Blech!

It's official. I'm Teacher of the Year! My son is now giving grammar lessons to his older friend. He just corrected him and gave a full explanation of double negatives. sigh. This concludes fourth grade.

Pete's first play and performance will be June 19th, 1pm. Call me if interested in the details and attendance.

Somebody is really excited about camping this weekend and snorkeling.

I just walked into the Y, threw money on the counter and rejoined. Then I promptly walked back out the front door and bought doughnuts. NOT a good way to get back on a regimen. lol.

Worked out with Pete today at the Y. He did awesome. I remember, not so long ago, I used to leave him in childwatch with his sippy cup. sniff.

I'm pooped.

Back from a sad, but wonderful time with family in DE. RIP Aunt Jo.

Perfect at the beach today. There was a fog off the coast and as the day progressed, more and more ships began to appear. The boys called them ghost ships.

RePete took off his life jacket at the pool today and swam like a fish! He's been hiding all those skills underneath his *babysuit*. Now to get him proficient and I can relax in the loungers for the first time in 10 years.

I told the boys to clean their room today and they asked if they could clean everything except the junkyard they just made and were playing in. ??? Somehow they don't see that the entire room is a junkyard. :oP

Scout Camp is finally over. RePete and I had such a good time, even with the heat index over 100. He earned so many badges, patches, and belt loops but his favorite was earned on the BB range. He earned his Junior USA Shooting Team Patch. He's never shot a gun so we had no idea we had a little marksman.

Pete was mobbed at the pool today. They thought he looked like Justin Bieber. One even took his picture! hahaha If his acting gig falls through, maybe he can be a JB stand in or look-alike.

Finding your first cucumber in the lackluster garden is almost as exciting as...well maybe not that exciting. But Woohoo, look at my cukes 

Fondue, facials and warning shots, OH MY!

To quote my sister, "The movie would have been better if we weren't sitting in front of the lady with bubonic plague." I'm still picking lung out of my hair. - R

Mark got a clean bill of health, nephew here, and now I'm getting the van loaded. Had to buy a hitch and bike rack so we can haul the bikes for our Sunday adventure. The kids will thank me later. (inset evil laugh) Can't wait.

I did it! I ran! Now I'm just wondering why I'm so excited about running.

Ladies night! Hanging with Pogo.

I love my life. And for once I'm not being sarcastic. ♥

Finally! "Dead in the Family" is on my iPod. Now if you will all excuse me...

Redo-ing the pantry today. Paint and new shelves. The best part was going through the food and throwing out the expired ones. The good news is that all the expired stuff was processed, prepackaged stuff which we don't use anymore anyway.

I think I would have told Brian "Hi my name is Sally, and here's the rest of your tip and leave him a $1.59. Service is service but attitude and manners are worth paying for too. -Mom

What is your favorite baby shower game? Crude rude, cute, silly, sweet - I want them all.

Aha...caught you!! I'm sitting at the computer being poked by my kids...after viewing my daughters wall, I see why!! Sneaky, sneaky!! You get creativity points...but you have to listen to me whine about my sore arm...haha! -Pogo

I've got rock music blaring out the window so The Boys & Co. can hear it while they shoot Nerf bullets at soda cans. The last days of summer are golden.

My poor RePete. He thinks he is losing his imagination because when he tries to play make believe games with Jack, he just isn't into it as much anymore. He's growing up. *sniff*

Great time at the baby shower today. Thanks to my mom for helping to make it a success. Love you, Mom!

Can't find my energy. Has anyone seen it?

Limas harvested from my garden. I plan to eat them one at a time! - R
     Bite them like little sammiches...then they'll last! - Pogo

Our neighbor is renting his house to a police officer and family and RePete said at first, he and his friends were excited to have police living so close, and then they thought it was bad a idea because he and his friends couldn't do dumb stuff. lol.

RePete just told me that I was the best Mom ever! :o)

Yoo hoo, Robinella...Pogo wants to know if tomorrow night is still a Go Go - Pogo

Twenty years ago, in a tiny courthouse in Millington TN, I married the man of my dreams. ♥ ♥ ♥

RePete's soccer game was so exciting today and he's only 6! I will probably burst from excitement when he's older and REALLY playing.

They are so stylish, comfy and warm...they haven't been off my feet since I got home :) Thanks again, thoughtful friend ♥ - Pogo referring to socks I made her

Jack has poison ivy/oak/sumac (?) again. The woods behind our house are officially off limits to all little people. Especially in what the boys call "Devil Stick Alley".


WARNING These images may be too graphic for parents. Won't you please help save the spackling compound? After today, it's endangered. - after BN fixed the boys walls for painting

I gave in! I let the boys put up the Christmas tree and only three ornaments were broken. Ya'll know how much I love my tree. I need a sedative.

We lost our Kubi cat today. It was peaceful. She was a good friend.

Just texted my homeslice while playing Angry Birds on my hand-me-down iPhone. I've finally made it into the 21st century. Now let's see if I can get anything else done. :o)

At dinner with Pogo and as usual my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Love it.

I told the boys in the car today that if they didn't stop the bickering, they would only get coal for Christmas. A few minutes later I looked back and Repete was crying. My heart shriveled up and died in that instant.

My sister and nephew are visiting tonight. Can't wait to see them.
Pete and I said something at the same time and he knocked on the wall and said, "Knock on wood, Jinx, you owe me a soda." lol.

I played the cd Glee Season I while we ate dinner and as we were getting up, "Bust a Move" came on and you know we all starting busting a move. It was an uncontrived thing of beauty. Love those men of mine.

He was born last Wed and both he and Doodah are doing well. He was 7.15lbs and 21 in. He's so cute and sweet and new. - My newest Nephew born Dec 15.

Beautiful night to be out with a camera. Unfortunately, those foxes scared the poop out of me and I had to come in.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are gray! - Pogo