Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Since my last post, I've literally been attached at the hip with my iPod. I decided that since all the books were checked out and I already had the next four books on cd checked out, I would give it another try.

It took a while to stop concentrating on the narrator's voice. After that, it wasn't so bad. I only used one earbud and I was able to do all of my household things while I listened. I was even able to carry on conversations with the kids and BN while listening. Oh and teach math! How's that for multi-tasking.

After a few days, BN told me that he would rather I plain ignored him and read the books than to see me with my new accessory. He said he could never tell if I was listening to the cd or him and if I hesitated for even a smidge before I answered him, he assumed I was ignoring him. Pete kept yelling at me because he thought I couldn't hear him. I never let on that I could. *snicker*

So I decided to go back to the books and I've finished them all. I saw the title of the last book and without really looking at the author, put it on hold at the library. Of course when I picked it up, I found it wasn't the right book and then found out the latest one won't be out until May! Waahhh!

Oh and it took a long time before I could "hear" the male characters with an actual male voice in my head. I had that damn narrator's version of a male in my head. And the accents. Blech!

Anyhoo, on a positive note, I learned how to upload cds to iTunes and how to put them on my iPod. And I learned that listening to an iPod 24 hours a day will cause your ears to wax over, or maybe it was her voice. Either way, I am still feeling the effects of that. Very annoying.

Packing and playdate tomorrow.

So let's end in a song.

M-I-C, See you real soon. K-E-Y, Why? Because I like you. Now I'll go vo-mit.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer Creases

...second verse, same as the first. Or I magically lost the first writing and have to do it again. *sigh*

Do you know what summer creases are? It's when you iron a crease in something but mess up and wind up with more than one line. Get it? Some are (summer) here and some are there. I learned that in the Navy and I get a kick out of it...especially since I haven't ironed anything in probably ten years.

Okay so now that the brain dump is complete, let's move on.

I get to leave for the Land of the Mouse in 9 days. This will be our third time in five years. I think I am over it now. I'd rather head out west and see natural wonders or rent an RV and hit the road.

Anyhoo, I finished knitting a hat for BN just in time for summer.