Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Robinella's Craft Corner

or reindeer and soldier ornaments.

List of supplies:

  • doll and no roll clothespins

  • pipe cleaners

  • pom-poms

  • rick rack

  • thin gold twine

  • craft paints and brushes

  • google eyes

  • hot glue

  • scrap material

I'm not giving step by steps because they are so easy kids can do them. (with proper supervision of the hot glue gun, of course) And I think a picture does the trick. If not, feel free to email me with questions.

Let me start by repeating that it is so easy a kid can do it, but if you have boys, they may do their own thing.

My nephew thought Ozzy and Sharon were more fun to make. Have you seen that new commercial where Ozzy uses text messaging to translate? HAlarious. Does The Osbournes come on anymore? BN and I used to laugh our hineys off watching that. So where was I...

Pete started with soldiers then gravitated towards villains. I am partial to that swirly one.

RePete went right for the bad guys. With such names as Bubble Gum man and Glow Man.

So mom and I did all the rest (after we replenished our supplies at the local craft store).

The soldiers do not have faces. We could have painted them on but we too worn out by this time to care.
 (missing photo)

Here's the only remaining deer from when my sister and I were kids.
(missing photo)

And here's the new and "improved" version. Doesn't the one on the right look like he's trying to edge away from the one on the left. He looks a little uneasy.
(missing photo)

It was a lot of fun having my mom help us make these again. A little walk down memory lane and all that.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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