Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lego Storage, The Follow Up

Did you know that I am an expert in Lego Storage and Organization?

Me neither!

But every day I get no less than 50 visitors to see my wonders.  The rest of my drivel?  Eh.  Not so much.

THEN:  If you remember this post, then let me update you.  I'm still waiting on the whole cooperation thing.  And we moved them back to the bigger bedroom not too long after.  Smaller just meant momma gone mad.


As you can see, it's still working - kind of.  I won't swear everything is still all color coded.  My boys have different ideas than I do when it comes to cleaning their room.  If it fits, it goes there.  

So if having a solution to the Lego chaos that is sort of working 2 years later makes me an expert then there ya go.



  1. Love the update post too! We are re-doing our little guys (7 yr old) bedroom this week and I've been scouring lego solutions. If you could do anything different, what would it be/would you recommend? We are heading to Ikea this week :D

  2. Hi Aubrey. I don't think with Legos there is a clear solution. I would buy these bins again and probably more. Each year our Lego collection grows and these 12 bins are stuffed to the max. So that would be it. MORE BINS! Especially if it means another trip to IKEA. lol. Happy Shopping.

  3. How do you organize the SETS? Do you just mix them all in with the regular building legos?

  4. Dear Mommy, Sadly, the sets sometimes get mixed in and we spend many hours finding all the pieces to rebuild it. Summer before last, I sat down with the instructions from a few sets and painstakingly went through the pieces. I put the pieces and the instructions in large freezer bags and stored them in a box. We used to keep the original Lego boxes and store the pieces in the box in baggies but we were soon overwhelmed with boxes. (we own A LOT of legos)

  5. Hi Robinella!

    I am just about to copy your great idea! Love it! My son is sharing a room with his sister (2.5yrs) and he is 5. And.... he keeps begging me for a lego table! My question is which one is the table you used? Our room is it cannot be too deep. Also, did you attach one end to the wall? It looks like it on the pic. Please let me know and I will go and get the shelves and the table and get to work! It looks GREAT!!! All the best, Connie with Matthias

  6. Hi Robinella

    You wouldn`t believe how crazy my son`s sets have accumulated. I have the floating shelves from ikea with all of his ships displayed. It used to look great but now he takes them apart to make his own creations. i love that he can create new stuff
    but what has happened is the shelves have half made sets,pieces here pieces there its chaos! I bought the same storage unit from ikea awhile ago but now i will be getting more with a bigger lego building table and hope that it works. like your boys more lego to come i need to be prepared. thanks for posting your idea! Chantal

  7. This looks exactly like my son's playroom. I'm getting these storage solutions right away. The Legos and Imaginext has gotten completely out of hand!


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