Monday, August 31, 2009

Skate 2 stole my baby

Skate 2 is a video game. My boys don't particularly like playing video games, they prefer to use their imaginations. I love that about them. But this game...something about it. Maybe because it is about skateboarding and they love skateboarding.

I'd show some photos of them skateboarding, but those are lost files. moment while I mourn my lost 2009 photos

...okay, back now

The characters in these games can be modified and the one Pete made looks so much like him. Until recently, he was baby faced and small. Yesterday, he received "upgrades".

Now he is square jawed. Sports a goatee and has muscles. And wears a "married ring". I look at I see my baby in just a few short years. moment while I mourn my lost 9 year old



  1. yeah.. my computer avatar has a huge butt. from sitting and playing too much.

  2. As one who has some of her babies in college you have no idea how fast that time will get here. I look at my bearded sons and inside my heart is screaming "where is my baby and what have you done with him?" At least I still have the little ones...for now! Kim

  3. I must say the time does go so quickly. My son is spending the weekend with his girlfriend's family and when home is building me retaining walls and putting in fence posts. It is true what the say about old age and toilet paper; 'the closer to the end, the faster it goes'.


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