Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Theater Takes Over

I found some posts that never got posted and I figured I went through all the trouble to write them, so they might as well get face time.

April 7, 2011

Three times a year, theater takes over.  Our group meets for Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.  The week of our production, we have rehearsals Tuesday through Thursday with quick dress rehearsals prior to the shows.

With Repete in soccer practice two nights a week and then a game on Saturday, we have to do tag-team parenting.  This week will be especially rough since BN is in an orienteering race and that means on Saturday, I have to take RePete to his game and then race Pete over to the theater for a quick dress rehearsal and show.  Should be an interesting day.

Pete preparing for his show.

RePete kickin' butt at his game last week.

Ready for a relaxing summer.

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