Friday, September 19, 2008

Hollywood Sucks!

Today, while helping RePete get his pants on, he reached down and pointed to his testicles and said,

"Look, Mom, brains."



We have the Transformers movie and the boys have watched it a few times. Today, they played it in the van and that meant I could only listen to it since the screen hangs from the middle of the van roof just behind the front seats. And I was driving - so watching wouldn't have been a good idea. Kind of like talking on cell phones...

Anyhoo, with no visuals, I had to rely on my keen sense of hearing and what did I hear?

"Bro's before Ho's" As in your male friends come before your girlfriends.

What the hell?!!! Why do our movies have this kind of nonsense in them? It was the same feeling I had when watching Zathura. Why did the little eight year old have to call his preteen brother a dick? He could have called him a jerk and it would have had the same effect. And what mother lets her eight year old son curse...even for the sake of a movie.

I'm sure I am over-reacting and my sons didn't catch it (that I know of) since neither said anything. And MY eight year old WOULD ask about it. He's curious like that.

And I am not a prude. I just happen to think kids have all the time in the world to be affected by this kind of crap AFTER they stop being kids. I mean think about it. If the average lifespan is 80 years (give or take a few), and you are only considered a child for 18 years, then LET THEM BE KIDS FOR EIGHTEEN YEARS! They've got 60 more years to curse and "act adult".

My BIL, who is a child himself, thinks we shelter our boys. You yourself have probably heard someone say, "well, they have to learn sometime" or "they have to grow up some day". Well, no shit Sherlock! When they are 19, they can say bro's before ho's anytime they want, as long as they are not in my presence.

BUUUTTT we hope we sheltered put enough good sense into them that they choose better words than that.


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