Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am no trophy wife

Yesterday we went to dinner and then BN and the boys wanted to stop for ice cream at Cold Stone. Not a big fan of ice cream myself so I didn't get any. The place was packed and the outdoor seating was full, so we sat on the concrete benches that wrap around the planting boxes outside of Cold Stone and the theater.

These two little boys came over and boy were they talkative. Charlie was seven and was relishing every bite of his ice cream. His four year old brother Jimmy, must have relished his, because his face was covered in it. They were with their dad and older brother (which explains the ice cream covered face-lol).

Like I said, Charlie was talkative and he started asking Pete about game systems. I think he asked if we had a "DS". Pete said no but we had a Game Cube and a PS3. Charlie mentioned a Wii and then they both started "outdoing" one another about the prices. Before they started beating their chests and challenging one another to wrestling matches, I interjected that I wanted a Wii.

Charlie was amazed and told me that he didn't know any other moms that wanted a Wii. I told him that I thought they looked fun and got you moving. He scooped out his last bit of ice cream, walked over and looked me right in the eyes (I was still seated) and said I should get Wii Fit cause I would lose lots of weight.

Now at this point, I remind myself that I can still squish my fat ass into a size 10 and might have told anyone else the same, but looking at his freckled face and blue eyes, I just threw my head back and laughed. I laughed heartily and then to his puzzled look added that he might be right.

Honestly, I don't think Charlie meant anything by what he said. I think he was just parroting what he knew about Wii Fit. But even if he did (and he might of) I really love the pureness and honesty that comes from kids. It's so refreshing.


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