Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sex Education, Part II

...or, kill me now, please.

We spent Easter Sunday with my in-laws and they had that movie, Marley and Me. MIL assured me that it was all about this dog and nothing bad was in it, so Pete could watch it. A little bit into it, (close your eyes if you haven't seen it), Anniston has a miscarriage and they talk about "trying again".

Trying again. Two very simple words that a year ago would have flown over Pete's head and he never would have blinked an eye. Sunday, he blinked and looked at me.

Pete: What do they mean try again?

Me: Try again to have a baby. Now, shhh. Watch the movie.

Pete: What does try again mean?

Me: (shit,not again) Pete. It means they'll try to have another baby. That's all.

Pete: Mom. What are they trying? How do they try?

Me: Again Pete, we'll have this discussion when you get a little older. Oh wait, I think I hear Grandma calling me.

So now this is building up. I don't want it to build up. I don't want it to become so taboo, that it becomes so taboo.

However, I don't want to have this conversation yet. Pete thinks things too hard, sometimes to the point of obsession. This is just the kind of thing he'll obsess over. And the act of sticking his penis into a vagina is NOT something I want him thinking too much about - not at nine. I don't want him thinking about me and BN either, which he will.

I never thought about this moment before. Maybe I figured he'd hear about it from the neighbor kid or something and he wouldn't ask. Although, realistically, I don't want the neighbor kid teaching him that. I would prefer he learn it from us, but I never thought about the yuck factor in that.

This morning at breakfast, Pete asked me if I would just tell him how babies were made and I deferred to my earlier comments. I also said I'd ask Dad to talk to him about it later as I had to do something right at that moment. He said he didn't want Dad telling him because he made it too complicated. That cracked me up. BN does tend to over explain everything. In fact, I used to cringe when he answered Pete's questions because he gave too much information. Luckily, it went over his head.


I'm going online to find a benign explanation. Or maybe there is a book. You know, I don't think I ever got "the talk". Maybe that is why I am having trouble with this; I'm sure I learned it from a cousin or friend. Of course, I wouldn't have obsessed over it, so it was no biggie.

??? Now I'm obsessing over it, aren't I? Making too big a deal? How did you explain it to your young ones?


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