Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Screaming Power

The boys like to play superheroes and such and RePete has a superpower. It's screaming. It was funny for about 2 minutes.

Now it's really annoying. He yells at his brother if he is being ignored or picked on and we've been trying to curb that behavior. Now the "screaming power scream" has replaced his regular "normal scream".

What to do? What to do?

I am taking an entire day and doing absolutely nothing but monitoring the screamer. Every time he screams - in his room he goes. e-v-e-r-y t-i-m-e!

If this doesn't work, I'm gonna scream!



  1. Thanks for stopping by and saying "hey"!!! That is just too funny how we find each other! Prairie Air is one of the best women on this earth and I adore her. I am so blessed to call her one of my friends!!

    About the screamer...in your most animated mommy voice, tell him there is more super powers in whispers than in screaming.

    You can also take a small spray bottle and fill it with some water...when he screams, spray him with your anti-screaming power potion and render him speechless.

  2. Ack!
    Sorry. But I'm sort of snickering here.

    I live in an almost child-free home many miles from you, which is probably a good portion of my amusement.

  3. I have an inner ear condition that causes a crazy response with sudden loud noises. I had to train my kids as very little ones not to scream (or I would risk harming a child). My last child was quite the screamer, more as a fear response so she was okay with anger, but at 5 when she saw a spider, all caution went to the wind and she would let out a blood curdling scream. I think the training will help your superhero, as it is a thing he can control with self control.

  4. PLEASE let me know how this works for you!! My boys need to stop the screaming!!!


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