Monday, July 20, 2009

Yes, I'm Fickle

You know, my fickleness doesn't only apply to my blogging. It applies to my life in general. I think this crazy dance I do isn't really that I am indecisive. I think it is because I waffle between what I want to do and what I am expected to do.

Homeschooling is a prime example. I loved school. I loved the smell of the school and I loved having a new backpack with new supplies in the little front pocket. I loved that I spent a month of my summer vacations at school for activities. To this day, I love school. I mean what nerd has five degrees? Me, that's who.

On the other hand, I love unschooling. I love the freedom, the thoughtfulness, the pure genius of our minds. I've basically unschooled Pete from first to third grade. I don't deny buying all the school supplies, poster boards, and plenty of "curriculum". I did. I bought it all. But we didn't use it.

What he knows today, he knows from our talks. He knows from books we've read. Hell, he knows from TV and movies. But the thing is...he knows! He aced his required test for third graders.

This year, because everyone expects it, I purchased all the right materials for fourth grade. Today, I let Pete practice multiplication facts online because he thought that was fun. We read to help him with his fluency. I asked him to read a book to RePete because RePete loves to hear Pete read. He is all but entranced from start to finish, no matter how long it takes.

Where is this going? I don't know. I think we may continue our current trend of collecting school books.



  1. I think as long as the kids are learning what is expected by the state than all is well...because you know both boys are learning more too.

    But, I still give kudos to all you homeschooling moms. I don't have the patience.

  2. My aunt would have said, "you must be a Pisces." I don't believe in or follow all that, but I do often feel as if my head is a fishbowl and two wills are battling for control. What I think I should do vs. What ends up happening. Not everyone seems to have this problem, which perplexes me.

  3. at least you're posting.
    I'm just not --- and hardly reading blogs either.


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