Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thank You, Darling BN

Warning.  I am my usual random self today.

We braved the winter storm to visit my mother this past weekend.  She asked us not to come, but since she is prone to dramatics when it comes to weather, we decided to travel anyway.  It wasn't so bad on the way up.  VDOT was out doing a fairly good job.  It wasn't clear by any means but passable.  

We did have a slight slippedy slide when BN passed a tractor while going a little fast.  But he understands all that turn the wheel right when the ass slips left or maybe it is the reverse.  Anyway, he gets it and corrected like a pro.

She had close to a foot of snow upon arrival.  It snowed while we were there and by the time we left, VDOT was at home by the fireplace and we were in snow/ice up to our yingyangs.  Again, BN's mad skills behind the wheel got us home safely, although I think I had my first panic attack.

I started our way of list making when my oldest was about 3.  When the big toy catalogs come in the mail or Sunday paper, I let him cut out pictures of the things he liked and glue them to a piece of construction paper.  He loved doing this and I was actually able to find the things he wanted.  I've continued this for the past 7 years and my youngest makes one as well.

When Grandmas ask what to get the boys, I pull out the list and let them pick and choose.  So this past weekend we had Christmas at my moms.  When we returned home and the boys pulled out their goodies to play, RePete suddenly looked at me and asked to please remove this goody from his list.  He didn't want Santa to bring him the same item.  He's so thoughtful.


I rock at Spongebob Typing.  75 WPM.  Too bad I didn't know about blogging when I worked.  I think I could only do about 45 wpm back them.  I wonder if I can list Blogging under education on my resume.  Hmmm.


This is the first year we've been able to put presents under our Christmas tree.  I was always afraid the boys would open the presents (because Pete did many years ago) so we've always had an empty tree underneath.  Of course, none of the boys gifts are under there because BN believes they should wake up on Christmas morning to a magical wonder.  Oooo.  Ahhh.  He also believes we have to buy every stinkin' thing on their list.  The more the merrier and all that.

I've got to figure out how to take photos in the gym.  Pete started basketball and I can't have all his photos look like crap.


It's my first year not sending Christmas cards.  That month I lost after my knee surgery just messed me up.  It's during that month that I would  have made cards, extra handmade gifts, kids Christmas party and just all my planning.   Instead I was laid up or on crutches or just feeling tired.  What a difference two months makes.  I feel fantastic now, but alas it is too late to worry with cards.  Oh well.

Have a Great Christmas or whatever you celebrate.  Even Festivus!



  1. You're gonna have to email me and tell me every detail of the knee surgery since that's the next thing looming in my future.

    Glad your road trip was safe. My parents will be traveling this direction for the holiday and we're thinking the roads should be clear on the route they've chosen.

    We only have a few things under the tree... kids aren't all excited the way they used to be.

    Time flies.

  2. Let me assure you that Christmas will still come -- I haven't sent cards in years.

    Oh -- and I tried to make a gingerbread house with Curlymop but it fell apart. I think we needed glue.

  3. What a great post of randomness. You are so amusing. I think blogging and reading blogs does give a good education and helps not only the typing skills but vocabulary and writing skills.
    I know I think if I was laid up on crutches or after surgery or something, I could do this or that sitting thing, but I know in reality one doesn't feel good either so those things don't get done. There is something to be said for feeling good and energetic. Glad you are feeling better.
    Glad you made a safe journey. The roads can be a trial at times and having a super hero drive is always best ;-) .
    And I love the line about your mom given to dramatics so you went anyway ;-) .

  4. WPM--- it's one of those little "stats" about yourself that you'd never brag about (except when being random like this) but that you secretly love.

    I know exactly what that feels like. Haha.


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