Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I can't believe it was just a few posts ago that I typed, "December."

I decided to cut back our extracurricular activities this year so we could focus on school and get some downtime. The constant running was taking its toll on me and the boys. It's worked but it equals Boring Robinella!

We've started back letterboxing. A really fun way to explore areas around your town and spend time with your kids. Or friends.

Speaking of friends, Pogo and I have been reunited. Pogo went back to work full time last summer and as it will happen, things haven't been the same. No mid-week visits. Just a sad, sad state. Not to mention we live 40 minutes apart. We've emailed a couple times promising to get together but it never panned out. Her lovely daughter and I are friends on facebook and she finally talked her mom into getting online and that's how it happened. We pm'd a few times and immediately got together for a girl's only night. I hadn't laughed so hard in, well, since last summer. I missed her.

You know, I have always been someone who tries not to impose. BN says I take it too far, meaning that in order not to impose on someone else, I cheat myself. That's what I think happened with Pogo and I. We are a lot alike in that respect. Because she was working and her kids were into nightly school activities, I didn't want to impose on her by trying to take some of her limited time. We are both big on spending time with our families on the weekend and since that was the only time she wasn't working or driving her children to activities, I never tried to get together with her. She had her reasons for not contacting me as well, similar to mine. And then it just snowballed.

After a while, we began to assume the other wasn't interested. It's a confidence thing. And more and more time lapsed between half-hearted emails. We've gotten together with kids and without a few times in the last couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier.

In just the few short months since December and my turning 40, things have become clearer to me. What's important in life is more clear and good friends are right up there at the top.

Robinella and Pogo 3/2010



  1. At the very top. Yep. People who understand you because they're, well, part of you.

    I can't say it right.

    But as an example, I've been friends with Tami for such a long time that I know how she feels and she knows how I feel and I know what makes her cry and I know what makes her laugh and I know all sorts of things a younger Tami probably would not have shared with younger me.

    And there's none of the competition that I felt as a much younger me.

    With her health problems and my injury problems, we can sympathize with each other on other levels, too.

    So yeah. Here's to friends.

  2. You know, that all hit my mom when she turned 40, too. It's like she's a completely different person with her new perspective.

    What it must be like to turn 40... I could only imagine, as I'm wigging out over 20 in a couple months! Haha.

    I have learned though that the best friends are the ones you can not have heard from in a very long time and pick up and talk to each other like it was yesterday. You really can't beat that.

  3. Funny you should be posting this...or rather, that I'm reading it now...because something similar is happening with a friend (or two) of mine.

    Life gets busy and maintaining friendships can take time and energy...but maybe it shouldn't. I dunno. Since I homeschool I've lost touch with some dear friends because they have kids in school, and busy in the evenings, and then WE'RE busy on weekends, and so on. Just like you said.

    Life can take you in different directions. A few missed calls and we think the other is no longer interested so we don't want to press the issue, and next thing you know it's months or even years later.

    I'm glad you've reunited with your friend, and are enjoying each other's company once again. Friends really are such a gift.

    And there's Blogger friends! I've lost touch with them, too. I used to write and read often and felt like I was really getting to know some great people like yourself. And I've let that slip. Sorry 'bout that! :)

    I've gotten your comments, btw, and they're always appreciated. :)


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