Monday, September 20, 2010

Dental Dismay

I love the dentist.  I'm probably the only person I know that does.

I don't love the dentist for my kids and I don't mean a specific dentist, I just mean dentists in general.  There's a reason a pediatric dentist's office is almost always connected to an orthodontist's office.

Pete has never had a cavity.  He's never had fluoride.  His teeth are strong like mine.  His are also big which makes sense, since I'm pretty sure he'll hover around six feet tall when all his growing is done - he's going to need big teeth.

RePete's mouth has a been a mess since he was about two.  Even though I nursed him for nine months, even though he only drinks water and takes a good multivitamin and even though he has well balanced, nutritious, organic foods to eat, his baby teeth didn't calcify completely.  They have been very susceptible to dental caries and we haven't been able to do anything to stop it.  He's had four fillings so far and is set to have a fifth.

We found out about the fifth one at our checkup visit today.  The dentist also informed me that his permanent teeth were HUGE and he would need to have some pulled to make room for them all.  When dentist tell me things like this, I just nod my head and eventually leave having no intention of allowing them to pull my six year son's teeth.  Because I know that in two years time, his mouth will have grown and he'll have more room.

Will his teeth be perfectly straight?  Only time will tell and really, are we that vain?  Pete grew into his teeth and his are straight (no braces).  I grew into my teeth and they are straight (no braces) and BN grew into his teeth and his are mostly straight.

What is up with these professionals thinking it is okay to just pull teeth all willy nilly like that?  I'm sure there are plenty of moms and dads out there that trust these professionals and allow all sorts of things to be done.  I'm sure they trust that these folks went to school and know what they are talking about.

But not me.   Without giving me a specific VALID medical reason, there isn't one single thing that anyone can say to me to make me think this is okay.

Based on RePete's growth charts, he'll probably end up around six feet or more just like his brother.  And he has big teeth for a reason...he's going to have a big mouth just like his mother.



  1. When A was in first grade, our dentist recommended that we take her to the orthodontist. I was hesitant since she only had a few adult teeth...but it was a free consultation...the ortho wanted to pull 4 baby teeth and do a set of braces then and another set of braces when she got all her adult teeth...A was not very cooperative and I have yet to call them back (she is now in 5th grade) I really just think he wanted $$$ to put braces on baby she has most of her adult teeth and needs braces and I am irritated that they wanted to put braces on when she was 6 so I guess there is a level of distrust and discomfort. I completely AGREE with YOU!

  2. I've never heard of putting braces on such a young kid - but I know that plenty of dentists will pull baby teeth to make room for the big teeth (which supposedly help in the crooked department).

    But - I totally believe that teeth health is related to genes. I have very few cavities. My husband has many cavities. My first born has already had tons of cavities and my 2nd kid - none. It is lack of brushing vigilance? No - if anything, my 2nd child should have had more than the first. Genetics is amazing.

  3. I agree with you; he will grow into his teeth. I don't think they are always looking at the big picture.

  4. My brother just sent me an Email from a 3rd world country where he is giving free Dental Care on a mission trip. He pulled 40 teeth the day he sent the message.

    We are so blessed here

  5. my youngest always has cavities. I breastfed him longer than the others, he takes his vatimns, eats well, etc..... my mom had soft/bad teeth, too.

    Plus Ki has Acid Reflux- it just eats away his enamel

    I have always liked the dentist, but I hate when Ki has an appointment. He tries so hard to take care of his teeth and seems to always have something-- cavities, severe cross bite, a tooth die and had to be pulled......he is also my most sensitive to pain.

    I have heard of young kids with braces on their teeth--- and they always just need them AGAIN at the 'normal age for braces)


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