Friday, September 10, 2010

Times are changing.

For all of us.  I like to blame it all on last December 11th.  That's when I turned forty.

My older son Pete is 10.  Just the other day he and RePete got all dressed up (costumes) and planned out their play session and just as they were getting started, Pete decided he didn't want to play after all.  RePete was devastated but Pete explained that he just didn't feel into it anymore.  He thinks he has lost his imagination.  I explained to him that he's just getting older and he's starting to develop new interests.  What they are, I'm not sure yet and it got me thinking,

What do kids his age like to do when the "playing" stops?

I can't for the life of me remember back that far.  I know we didn't have video games and Nickelodeon.  What did I do for fun at 10?  I guess it wasn't that fun since I can't remember.  And then there is the fact that we homeschool and he's not preoccupied in a classroom all day so he has to entertain himself or be entertained - and that's a long day.

So what can I do for poor Pete?

RePete is having a hard time losing.  Of course he's 4 years younger than his brother so losing is a daily occurrence around here.  He just started his soccer season and I'm worried he'll have a meltdown on the field.  He's very hard on himself and gets frustrated so easily.  There was a time when he never got upset or had opinions about anything.  Now he upsets daily and will share those opinions, which usually includes the words, "this sucks" or "this is stupid".  Ugh!  There must be a book on sportsmanship out there that I can read.  Need to look for that.

And then there's me.  I walked into that baby super store I used to frequent when mine were little and immediately felt out of place.  I was by myself and didn't have a baby bump.  And honestly, although I spent many hours in there over four years ago, I couldn't find anything.  And then when I found stuff, I couldn't make decisions.  And when did disposable diapers go up $20?  Holy cow, I'm glad mine are out of those.

I think BN is the only one not changing.  The only advice he had for me when I told him that story about the baby store was that he could knock me up if I wanted him to.  Like I said, he hasn't changed.  Still a my BN!

So, yep, things are changing around here.



  1. So, you're telling us you're getting knocked up?! ;-)

    I rode my bike, played outside,read books...I did watch Nick, but it was just starting and I watched You can't do that on television, Nick didn't stream 24/7 and didn't have the variety it has today.

  2. H no! :o) Love 'em. Done with all that.

  3. LOL. He's supportive...I guess.

    I rode my bike, read, day dreamed, read and rode my bike, and sometimes wrote goofy poems.

    My oldest 'outgrew' his brothers faster. The middle one never will 'outgrow' the younger one.

    at 10, they all loved Legos still, their scooters, playing games.
    Gavin (oldest) has gotten into reading and esp researching things online.

    Maybe you can help him find a research project. (gavin's newest interest is carbon nano-tubes..... I know more than I ever wanted to know about them now).

    maybe teach him a new game or craft.

  4. Funny. My husband wouldn't offer that. On the other hand things have changed enough around here, I could have grandkids in a few years or less even. Time goes so quickly.


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