Friday, May 6, 2011


Can I just say I love my hand-me-down iPhone 3.  I was tired of my old flip-don't do darn thing-phone and BN wanted to upgrade to the iPhone 4, so I got his old phone.

I loves it!

I started texting.  Never knew I would like doing that.  It's so easy to drop a quick note to someone.  Or have long conversations with your best friend while she's at work. *snicker*

I love being able to look up stuff while we are out and about.  And checking traffic on the many tunnels and bridges that back up around here.

But mostly, I love that I have a camera with me at all times.  And the quality of the pictures aren't bad.  In fact, they are pretty good.  Not as good at the 4, but still good and I don't miss great shots of my boys because I'm not lugging around my big camera and all its accessories.

If only it had video...I'll have to wait for BN to upgrade again and then I can get his 4, which has video.

I wonder if all the other mothers out there have guilt problems with pictures?  Do you try to get an equal number of shots of your kids?  Technology has made this task so much easier.  If RePete is doing something cute, I snap a quick picture and turn to Pete and do the same.  If Pete is doing something radical on his Ripstik, then I can turn and get RePete to do the same thing.  Snap! Snap! It's that easy.

I was going through the 200 plus photos on my phone this afternoon and made sure that after deleting photos (already downloaded, of course), that I had the same number of pics of each child.  Trust me this is necessary because child number one notices these things.

Here's a few that I like carrying around with me.  Remember those plastic picture sleeves that fit in your wallet?  Thing of the past.  And I can carry so many more around with me now.


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  1. I agree about the iPhone - I've always just had hand-me-down "dumb" phones in the past, and then I recently splurged and bought myself the iphone 4 - and I love it!


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