Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our future

BN and I feel stuck.  We want to live in/near the mountains, but in this world we have to have a good job.  His is here in Hampton Roads.

So we dreamweave about the day he retires or we spontaneously become independently wealthy.  We both see the same piece of land in our future and until this past weekend, we didn't have a picture. In our perfect dream, we see a house on a hill, a pond or other water source nearby and mountains in the backdrop.

As part of my researching for mom on genealogy, I came across another member of our family in a different branch that posted a picture of my great-great-grandfather's homestead as it looks today.  When I saw it, I immediately showed it to BN to which he replied, "Is it for sale?"

That land and our house plans...dreamy.


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  1. The thing that worries me about the "future" and property is that I'm getting older. When we retire will I be wanting all that work? But, I guess if we win the lottery, then we can hire someone to help take care of the place.


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