Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Homeschool Doubts

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We all have them.

Am I doing the right thing? Are mykids progressing? Will they make it into college? Am I ruining their lives?

My answers are: yes, yes, yes, I woulddo that whether we homeschooled or not, right.

Actually, my kids love beinghomeschooled as do most others that we know. Sometimes, my older sonPete will reminisce about those glorious years he spent in school.

Well actually that one gloriousyear he spent in school - kindergarten. But none of it pertains tothe schooling, just the social aspects.

He remembers how the other kids used tofuss over who would sit next to him at lunch, who would hang out withhim at recess, and who was his girlfriend. Oh, the six year olddrama.

Now, he spends every lunch sitting nextto Mom and little brother, RePete. He spends “recess” doing hisown thing or playing with Mom or RePete until the school kids comehome or we setup a get-together with others homeschooled friends, and while neither RePete or Mom is up for the girlfriend gig, hestill has co-op so the prospects are still there.

I was going to interview my boys forthis post, but it wasn't all that exciting.

My question was, “What do you likeabout homeschooling?”

Repete, age 8, said he liked that itdidn't take very long so he had lots of time to play, he loves hisco-ops and friends, and math (??).

Pete, age 12, stated that he gets tostay home with his family, no waiting on other kids to finish so hecan be done and do his own thing, and his friends and co-op.

What about all that awesome teaching Ido? I jest. I'm just happy they are happy. And learning. Andwell-adjusted. And so far, neither child has yelled at me forruining their life.


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  1. That makes me laugh that Repete remembers kindergarten that well. My 8 year old has already forgotten.


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