Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Play or Not To Play

I always wanted to play the piano. When I was seven, my after school babysitter let me play around on her piano and even taught me how to play the theme from The Young and the Restless, one of her favorite stories. I still remember most of it.

Then we moved, my parents divorced and everything went to hell. My mom couldn't afford piano lessons and I don't even think the thought crossed her mind. And in school, I chose art, so I didn't have time for band class.

Now I'm 42 and still want to learn and I've decided to sign my boys up instead. Living vicariously through others and all that. Neither of them seems particularly enthused, although neither threw themselves down on the floor in a tantrum either, and I'm not normally one to force the issue, but I think it'll be a good thing for them in the end. They'll thank me later, right? *chirp chirp*

Anyway, there's plenty to document the good effects music has on us. I think the lessons will teach discipline through practice, empathy for Mom's inner ear canal,cooperation through working one on one with an instructor and accomplishment when they pound out that first song.

Someone tell me I'm right. These decisions are always so difficult and my husband is no help and by that I mean, he isn't agreeing with me 100 percent.

I said to him, Aren't you excited that I finally signed them up for piano lessons?
Him: Um, not really.
Me: What do you mean, not really? Don't you think they SHOULD take the lessons. You said yourself that piano was the best instrument to learn. From there all the others would be easy.
Him: I think piano lessons are good but you can't force them to take the lessons. I mean, they have to practice an hour a day. They won't even practice drums for me and they want to play drums. Are you going to make sure they do it?
Me: You bet your booty, I will.
Him: Then it sounds good to me.

I knew he'd come around to my way of thinking.

How about you? How do you handle these types of decisions in your homeschooling adventures? Do you wait for your child to ask? Do you take a firm stand as I have and sign them up? Do they hate you forever now? I don't think my heart could  stand that!


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