Saturday, November 3, 2007

Holey Soap and Inflatables.

Today was full of play. No school done but plenty of things me.
First, there was the soap thing. Pete uses the half bath for his "lair". There was a time when Pete would only use one square of toilet paper at a time and I kept a nail brush on the side of the sink just for him. The warning given to all first-timers in our home was, Don't Touch The Nail Brush. I thought about having a placard made for it just to save the poor soul we forget to tell. You know how snoopy people are in bathrooms.
Anyhoo, today while Pete was on the pot, he played around with things in the bathroom. Before he entered the bathroom, I saw him looking a bit suspicious, but figured, nah! Twenty minutes later he walks out of the bathroom saying, "Mom, the soap has a hole in it!" I say, "How'd it get there?" His standard answer is, "I don't know."
Initial inspection showed this. (actually, it's cleaner now, but all the evidence was replaced exactly as I found it, minus the soap and water all over the counter - I can't show a dirty house to you (the www) now can I?)
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Wait a minute, hold the phone. What's this?
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That's right. It's a stick pin that is suspiciously bent all to hell. Pete swears he didn't stick the bottle. Pete has been telling a lot of fibs lately.
Later that same day we went with some friends to Kangaroo Jacs. It's an indoor inflatable playground. What's great about it is that you can let your kids go and you, the exhausted parent, have a few minutes to breathe deeply. I ran into a lady once who asked if I had seen a little boy about this high with a dark blue sweatshirt. She hadn't seen him for 30 minutes . Here's how that place looks.
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THEN, we had another playdate and dinner with friends immediately following Kangaroo Jacs. Has anyone else noticed the very high winds we are having? It kept knocking my kids over in our friend's backyard. Oh well, what doesn't kill them makes them stronger.

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