Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Robinella's Homeschool

...is not very schoolish. We play most of the day. Pete gets to learn a new math concept once a week. We use RightStart Math which does not use a lot of worksheets. It's more mental math. Each day we read one page from "Let's Read: A Linguistic Approach". He never liked phonics. And that's all folks.

Pete's 8. Pete loves to play and pretend. My boys spend the majority of their day outside - whether we are just hanging around the house or whether we attend local homeschool functions like park days, PE, museums, etc.

Rather than comment on comments, which I dislike, I'll just expand on them here.

Dawn has emailed me excellent homeschooling advice before. I love how she spent their younger years just reading to them rather than having them memorize facts. Unschooling is awesome and it's something I've tried implementing in our own home. BN likes the idea of unschooling but he needs a progress report to feel comfortable and Virginia requires testing. So to appease them both, we learn a little math and we learn to read. I've tried reading to them during the day, but they haven't been too keen on that idea, but I'm still trying.

Thanks Lisa for commiserating with me. It's tough. I commend you on your decisions, whether it was to remain home or not. What's best for you is what's best for you!!

Willowtree should demonstrate the proper technique for ass-whoopin'.

Holly, Joy and Sandy are no help but I appreciate their thoughts and comments. (Just kidding about the no help part.)

Jenni, you can see our "schooling" above so that explains that. We're loosey gooseys around here. We'll tighten up later, but for now, the school part is happy. And our public and private schools aren't so great around these parts. I'm not anti-school, I'm anti-schools-around-here.

Sandy did mention the 24/7 thing and I'll add "365"and that's really my problem. I just need to take more Robin time. Why do moms feel guilty when they take this much deserved and needed time for themselves? Doesn't matter anymore, I'm taking it. (insert evil laugh)


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