Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Live to 150?

Did you happen to catch Babs last night on the telly? Barbara Walters did a special on Living to 150. It was actually pretty interesting to watch. Some of the people on there, the doctors and scientists were a bit scary. There was one in particular who looked like a hillbilly (no offense to hillbillies). He had a long ponytail and this humongous beard. Oh and he spoke with a British accent. Some professor or something at Cambridge. I couldn't really concentrate on what he was saying because of how he was saying it. I totally expected him to spit into a spittoon at any moment or pull out a banjo. He never did.

Did you know there are 84,000 folks 100 years old or older in the US alone? I found that tidbit amazing. I have really got to pump up our long term investments to make it last that long. We had only planned on living to 100. Or that you can pay $75,000 to have your body cryogenically frozen so that one day you can have your body brought back to life. That should be interesting. I wonder what beliefs these people have. Do they think they currently have a soul? If so, what'll happen when the body (souless at that point) is resuscitated? Of course, if they don't believe in souls then I guess there is nothing to worry about.

And was it me or did all of the "experts" have really dark eyes? They would have been perfect in any movie playing the part of Satan's minions. Really weird - but their eyes held me captive - I couldn't look away.

And finally there was another "expert" at the end of the show who talked to Barbara about sex. According to him, with people living longer, and men typically dying earlier than women, and these super old women still feeling feisty, they'll be turning to one another to satisfy their itch. We'll soon be overrun with old lesbians.

Wow! (stunned silence)


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