Monday, May 19, 2008

Blue Dyes

One of the things we do to ensure happy healthy children, well healthy at least, is to limit dyes in their foods. Actually, we just don't do dyes at all. Until vacation rolled around.

While at Universal Studios, Pete and BN rode Twister (awesome, btw) and RePete and I looked around. What caught his eyes was a huge container of blue frozen stuff. I decided, what the heck, poor guy has been riding around in the stroller since these rides are too big for him and he needs a little fun. So I bought him one. He was tickled pink (or blue in this case).

He slurped and slurped ... and slurped. Then he looked at me with the biggest grin baring all his teeth. I immediately belly laughed and pulled out the camera.

Let me just say it looks the same going out as it did going in. His butt was stained blue for two days. Nasty stuff. Just another reason to avoid dyes.


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