Friday, May 9, 2008

Don't call - On Vacation and a Pete-ism

Friday I asked the boys to be extra good because I really needed to clean the house and start packing and Pete said they would be good and then:

Pete: But we can only be good every other day.
Me: Why not every day?
Pete: (sounding all exasperated) That's just too much pressure!

Here's an example of their "goodness".


Pogo has generously offered to entertain my kids today for four hours so I can get last minute things done or just plain sit on my ass, whichever I fancy. I'll probably run a few errands and then head back over and veg at her house. We don't get to see each other as much these days and I refuse to miss out on spending time with her.

After Pogo's, the boys and I will have a little dinner, ride the scooters, build a skate park for their Techdecks where I'll show them how to do fakies, ollies and grinds (um, right) and then go to bed early. BN won't be home until about midnight and we are leaving at 5am on Sunday.

Yah, Happy Mother's Day to me. 12 hours in the car.

Actually it should work out great. You know how these new-fangled cars are these days. All the gadgetry. We've got videos to watch and Gamecube to play and the old standbys of books to read and pictures to draw. 400 bathroom stops. Loads of things to occupy our time.

So I hope all you Mothers (and I meant that to mean moms, of course, not the other thing my four year old keeps saying) have a most wonderful Mother's Day!

See you next week,

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