Sunday, May 4, 2008

SEX! Huh, Good God,...

Yeah, I know it's supposed to be WAR! But once I typed sex in all caps the song just jumped into my head and it totally relates to this post, if you know the words...okay, okay I'll keep singing just so you know.

...huh, what is good for? Absolutely nothing.

Minivan conversations with an 8 year old.

Pete: Mom? What is a sex?
Mom: A sex? The answer to a query. (good job mom on trying to confuse the hell out of him)
Pete: (persistent little thang) No Mom. What is a sex?
Mom: Okay so like you are filling out a form and it asks, name, dob, sex and the answer is male or female.
Pete: Well, that's not what Cameron said.
Mom: Well, why don't you tell me what Cameron said and maybe I can clear things up a bit.
Pete: Cameron said it means kissing.
Mom: Okay.
Pete: and laying down naked on the bed.
Mom: Yes, it can mean those things. (daydreaming about quickie this morning)
Pete: (snapped out of daydream) Who does that?
Mom: Married people who love each other very much.
Pete: Have you and dad ever done that? Naked on the bed?
Mom: (shit. backed myself in a corner) Well, yes we have.
Pete: Ewwww. Grossss. Naked? Why did you do that?
Mom: I've answered your question about sex. That's all for now. Sex is private.
Pete: Well I hope I never have sex.


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