Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two Days into Camp

Pete was very apprehensive about going to day camp. He's never been. Even though the camp is through his gymnastics gym, he was still worried.

So Monday I went in to pick him up at 3pm sharp as promised and guess what? He begged me to let him stay longer. I told him I'd be back at 4pm and at four he was ready to go home. Not because he didn't like the extra hour, but because he was plum worn out! He had a blast. I knew he would.

Tuesday he asked if he could stay until 4pm again. I'm cool with that. Why?

Psst. Come closer. I have to whisper this.

I feel like a heel for saying this, but I am glad he wants to stay until 4pm. I know, I know. MOTY and all that, right. BUT, I didn't have to yell one time yesterday. Obviously, I don't have to yell any day, but I do. I didn't have to have all of my answers, suggestions, questions nitpicked. I didn't have to thwart whining. There was none of the constant sibling squabbling.

RePete and I had a very relaxing day together. And when Pete came home? I was better equipped to handle it. I did have to raise my voice once last night, and bit my tongue a few times, but all in all I felt more calm.

I think this week-a-month camp thing is going to work out just fine. But let's keep this between you and me, kay?


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