Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ignoring my family...

...is BN's fault.

Remember this post about the book?


I searched the Wally in my little town to no avail. The drugstores didn't have them either. Let me rephrase that. They all had the book, they just didn't have the sequels. Then I thought to myself since I, like so many others, totally ignore my family and friends, shirk all responsibilities and become almost trance like when I sit down with a good book, I am going to put off buying them until Sunday. BN leaves for a snowboarding trip with the guys on Sunday and won't be back until Wednesday.

So let's see..."New Moon" on Sunday, "Eclipse" on Monday and "Breaking Dawn" on Tuesday. I'll only read them at night after the kids have settled down, BN won't be here, perfection. What can I say, I read fast and it was a great plan.


BN saw how distraught I was when I came home empty handed that week after not finding the books here in hillbilly hell. So on Sunday, when I was leaving him and the boys for a few hours to run errands and I mentioned to him that I was also going to pick up the rest of the books he got all panicky and told me I couldn't buy them. Of course, I laughed in his face at the mere suggestion. He then told me that he ordered the rest of the books for me and they should arrive on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday.


Well, it's Tuesday and it's 8:20 pm and I am patiently (no make that impatiently) waiting for 9 o'clock to roll around so I can tuck the brats in bed and settle in for a little Edward and Bella time.


That means Wednesday and Thursday I plan to ignore my family.


I suckered another mother of young boys into reading the book and of course she is ignoring her family (her hubby is on the same trip as BN) and we are going to watch a teeny bop movie on Thursday seeing it's my birthday and all.

Can't wait.


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