Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today is the day!

Now I've pulled two moms over to the dark side. We'll be going to see the movie tonight. Can't wait.


Speaking of that, I was in Wally with my boys and Pete was flipping through the posters. I thought nothing of that because I've looked through them in the past and it's nothing but Spiderman, Harry Potter, Hannah Montana and such. This day I did see Edward on the end. hahahaha

Anyhoo, Pete is really concentrating on a few of them so I walk over and see women in their underwear. (I won't even go into a rant about that.)

R: Pete, c'mon, let's go.

Pete: Mom, those ladies are HOT!

R: Do you mean they are only wearing their underwear because they are too hot to wear their clothes? *snicker*

Pete: No, I mean they are nice looking. (said while doing the multiple eyebrow raising thing)



It's also my birthday. My mailbox is full of birthday wishes which is so nice. What is weird is all the forums and websites that I have accounts with also sent birthday greetings. Such a strange thing to do.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today.


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