Friday, December 19, 2008

Lazy Mom's Gingerbread Houses

The boys and I threw together a little party for some of our friends last week to make "gingerbread houses".

**WAIT** Scared of a mess? Object to children on sugar highs? **LOOK NO FURTHER.***

If game, you'll need:

12x12 piece of cardboard (or thereabouts) wrapped in foil

graham crackers (as if I would go to the trouble of carving perfectly shaped gingerbread pieces for 10 kids)

royal icing ( I use Martha Stewart's recipe from an old holiday book I have but couldn't find a link on the net.)

candy, candy, candy

did I mention candy?

oh, good because you'll need lots of candy.

Prep work: Start by carefully breaking the grahams in half (squares). Did you chip a corner, don't toss it, eat it! I pre-made the royal icing and divvied it into baggies. Each mom brought a favorite candy and the kids were excited.

If your kiddos are smaller, they'll need your help assembling. Once that is done, step out of the way, cuz the sugar high will set in about now and gum drops will fly.

Just cut a small hole in the corner of baggie and ice a square on the foil. Set-up two sides and ice together the corners. Build the other two sides. Now you can either use a flat top or an "A" frame roof. You might need to hold the "A" in place for a few secs until it will hold by itself.

Squirt a bit of icing here and there to mimic snow settling on the surfaces of the house and the ground. Sprinkle or place candy here, there and everywhere.

Here's how a few of the houses at our party turned out. I think there may be a few budding architects in the group.

Can you guess which two belong to my kids? I did help RePete with the structure. And Pete? Loves candy.




We found out that three marshmallows was too many for a snowman, especially with a hat!



Poor Frosty was caught in a snow storm.


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