Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kick in the Ass

I need one. I can't get going this morning. We need to pretend do a little school. I want to call my sister and see if she wants to hang this afternoon.

Have I shared my favorite new curse word? It Fruitcake. I know it sounds benign but when you use like this..."where the fruitcake is my pen?" or "are you out of your fruitcaking mind?", it gets a little raw.

I like it. It rolls off the tongue quite smoothly. I use it A LOT.

Everyone say hello to my Mom. She came across my blog and unfortunately she'll see what a potty mouth I really am. Oopsie.

BTW, anyone have a mouse die in their wall before? I think one died in ours and it is starting to smell. I hear it can take a month to be rid of the smell. Ugh. The little fruitcaker!



  1. We had a possum die in a wall in mid summer in southern california.

    Seven weeks.

  2. Hi Mom!

    I bet that dead Fruitcake is going to stink!

  3. ($(&@#%@ Ami - did you feel me shiver.

    Beckie - it is already starting to. fortunately? it's only been in the high 70s here. I'm thinking that if it would go back to the 100's the decomposition would happen faster??

  4. Love the word, "fruitcake". I usually say "fluff" but it's lacking a certain punch. I might give your word a go.

    Hi to Robinella Mom!!!

  5. Fruitcake is a great swear word. I, unfortunately, tend to use "real" swear words far too often - and my children get a quarter from me every time I swear in front of them. Fruitcake would be a great money saver for me if I could pick up that habit.


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