Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sing Along

BN and Me, 9-16-09

"Yes, I wear a muffin-top blouse, a muffin-top blouse, a muffin-top blouse. Yes, I wear a muffin-top blouse, so I can hide my fat."

Don't you love muffin-top shirts? It's sad that we live in a society where this style has become the norm, but it sure is wonderful for mommas who delivered 9 and 10 pound babies.

I will lose that baby fat. I mean, really, my baby is only five years old. Give a girl some time to recuperate, right?.?.



  1. I like the picture and you look fine.

    So those bigger tshirts and blouses I wear have become the norm?

    Can I we call each other Norm? I'm envisioning people shouting out, "Norm!" when I walk into the store or hair salon.

  2. Ami -You can always call me Norm. lol. Actually, I am too normal I think. What a drag!

    I tried bigger shirts but they never look right on me. Something about cinching the waist just works. Or I guess that would technically be my hips.

  3. You're the one with the sunglasses, right?


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