Monday, August 16, 2010

The Fruits of Our Labor

We ran outside everyday to check on the progress of this watermelon.  We use the vertical method to grow viney plants and this watermelon became so heavy, the vine was choked off and the watermelon fell off before it was ripe.  We cut it open to find this..

It smelled heavenly, but was so bitter.  No sweetness yet.  It was such a disappointment.  So I decided to make hammocks for them.  My dad calls them diapers but I read this can help with the issue we had and so far so good.  Can't wait for the first one to be ready.

And cucumbers have been coming out since the first of July.  They are doing so great that I had to send four home with my dad the other day.

The exposure in my house is not conducive to indoor plants but I do have three that I bring in in the winter months.  The one in the front and back right are both from the tops of pineapples.  I planted the one in the front about three years ago and the one in the back right about a month ago.  My MIL has one she planted about three years ago and it has a tiny pineapple growing from the center.  Of course she can grow something from nothing, so I don't have high expectations for my pineapple plants.

The one on the left is a peanut plant.  We went to the Peanut Fest here in Suffolk last October and the boys were given a peanut plant.  We brought it home and BN cultivated and babied it over the winter.

Out of curiosity we dug around in the pot this past weekend and found some peanuts!  BN tasted them and they weren't quite ready.  I'm thinking since the peanut festival is in October, that's probably when peanuts should be ready, so we'll check again in a couple of months.



  1. I love the pictures of your garden! The hammocks are a great idea, they remind me of the molds they use at Disney World to make Mickey Mouse shaped melons.

  2. Came over from Hip Hop Homeschool. Nice pictures.

  3. Fun! I'd love to grow peanuts, but have never tried it.

    Popping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop. :)

  4. Hi! I'm visiting from the hip homeschool blog hop. Great blog you have here! I'm following it now. My son loves gardening I will have to show him yours. Come check out my blog and follow it if you're interested. :)

  5. Oh, how cool! i've never seen someone grow peanuts. We learned quite a bit about uses for them when we were reading about George Washington Carver. We got to see his memorial park in MO a couple years ago. It was really neat!

  6. What a cool thing - growing peanuts! I would LOVE to have a pistachio tree - looooove pistachios. =) It's on my list. The "If I ever actually get serious about gardening" list. I have a problem with watering things. It's sad, really.

    Here from the Homeschool Hop!


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