Friday, August 6, 2010

I know I shouldn't gripe...

because it's free, but...

I just drove over to the library to pick up my long awaited Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris and was DENIED!

I had my little ID/change wallet instead of my big one that had my library card in it. The librarian stated I could not check out books without the card. So I waltzed (literally) over to the membership desk and asked for a new card.

I figured two dollars for a new card was less than the gas it took to get there, drive back home and come back.

I asked the membership clerk why I couldn't check anything out without a card and she said she didn't know. Normally, I would have demanded an answer. Get me the supervisor, get me my state representative, whatever. I mean you're listening to a woman who beat the IRS at their own game. But I wasn't feeling well.

It's not about the two dollars. It's the principle of the whole durn thing. I have items checked out sitting on the table at home. I had two items on hold and I held them by using my library card, at home, on the computer. Why couldn't they just use my ID?

When this head cold clears up, I will go back and get my answer. They can have the money - it's for a worthy cause. I mean how many places let you borrow stuff for free? But at least know why you are doing it and it better be for a good reason.



  1. I had a book on hold at the library in the next town. In order to put a book on hold, you have to enter your number or scan your card. They had scanned my card and had the hold already in the computer under my card, yet my husband couldn't pick up the book while he was in town since he didn't have my card. Makes no sense. I think it's just people who aren't willing to be flexible or make decisions they're afraid they will somehow have to answer for. You'd think it was a national security risk or something! Dh walked into the library, gave my name and the name of the book on hold, has a valid ID with the same address and last name as mine, and yet the excuse finally given was that anyone could walk in and say they were picking up a book for me without my authorization if they didn't require the card. Anyone could steal my wallet or keys and have my library card, but would just anyone know I had a book on hold and what the title was? Stoopid.

  2. So this isn't a Suffolk thing! Good to know.

  3. Pogo wants to speak and my blog wouldn't let her. neener neener.

  4. Sounds like a cranky librarian. My library switched over to self-service, and now I just have to have my number memorized or bring my card with me. But an ID really should be enough.


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