Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Whole Lotta Work

We're planning to sell our house next year and we walked around it this weekend to see what needed fixin'.

A Lot.

Much of it is cosmetic.  With two small boys, I find it extremely difficult to keep the paint in perfect repair or blinds.  What is it with blinds?  We have the two inch faux wood blinds which are pretty sturdy until my boys walk by.  It doesn't help that RePete think those pole things that open and close them is the perfect vine for his Tarzan routine.   I'll never have blinds again.

So anyway, BN likes to wait until it is absolutely necessary to fix things, but I think we should start now.  After compiling the list, he thinks so too.

His little boxes for checking them off crack me up.  And there's 8 more things on the back.  Time to get to work.



  1. I would be very afraid to make a list like that about my house! It would go on and on forever. But we're not selling, so we can just live with the problems. :) Good luck!

  2. That's a big list. Good to start now and yet you may still be rushing at the end or at least that is how it is here.

  3. Love the little boxes.


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