Thursday, August 26, 2010


When BN went back to school after getting out of the Navy, he went to work for a man named Rolando.  Rolando had special gifts.

This is our grill.

 This is a tree frog that I have named Rolando.  When I saw him hiding under the grill cover, being perfectly still, hoping I couldn't see him, I immediately thought of Rolando the Boss.

Rolando the Boss once told BN that he could make himself disappear.  He was never able to show this to BN and he gave BN the heebie jeebies anyway so thankfully, a wonderful internship became available and BN moved on to bigger and better things.

Not only does Rolando the tree frog live on our grill and scare the poop right out of me every single time I remove the grill cover, but I think he hides there because he it makes him feel invisible to the rest of the swamp creatures.

Why he's chosen our grill to reside instead of the huge wooded area and marsh behind our house we'll never know.  And other than the immediate bowel release he causes in me, I'm glad he chose us.



  1. That's kinda cool--and kinda creepy. The frog, I mean--not that BN's boss thought he could make himself disappear. That's just creepy and crazy. Have I told you that Jo has a neighbor who believes the magical fairies inhabit his faerie ring and keep the bunnies and tornadoes away. Aren't people interesting?

  2. Yes, the fairy thing is interesting. But, hey, you never know! :o)

  3. Rolando the Frog is Beautiful! I love frog eyes... and tree frogs are always pretty.

  4. Awww, he's kinda cute! Though if he were on MY grill he'd probably freak me out, too.

    Stopping by from the hip homeschool hop!

  5. Regarding Your Commment- for a while my boys liked to have everything graded. Ki would just put his own A+ and STAR on his papers, though. Gavin liked to figure out the breakdown percentage... if he got 9 out of 10 right he wrote 90% on his page- etc. The don't mind about that stuff now though.


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