Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Borrowing" Books

There are many ways to borrow books.  From the library, from friends and from ski resorts.

Before our ski trip I bought a magazine, in other words, fluff reading for the fluff skier.

I read it before we left.

So the first day we were at Wintergreen, RePete and I returned to the condo after dinner and left the big boys to their night skiing.  I put RePete in the "bubble bath", changed into something comfortable, clicked the television on the weather channel, RePete just loves Storm Stories, and then started exploring.

I don't know if the owners left random books on the shelves and in the cabinets or if other renters left their books behind, but I found one that looked interesting and started reading.

A cute, quirky, love story.  Not complicated, not hot and steamy (it was written by a man, after all) and just perfect for sitting out by the slopes.

I wouldn't read this on a normal day - way too many other things to do instead - but stranded on the side of hill?  Perfect.


*I'd to formally apologize to anyone renting the condo after us.  I took it with me when we checked out so I could finish it.  Now donating it to Friends of the Suffolk Library.

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