Thursday, February 3, 2011

LBP and LBP2

If you don't own these games and you want your family to continue on in a state of peace, do not buy these games.

I don't play games as a rule.  Just not good at them.  But when Lego Harry Potter came out, my hubby, knowing what a HP fan I am, bought me a pearl pink controller and I played.  And played.  And played.  I'm missing two items in the whole game and finally gave up.

Then a friend said, "Hey Robin, you've gotta buy LBP for your kids.  They'll love it."

Well, guess what?  Momma loves it too.  Momma loves it so much that she sits around tapping her toes until it's time for the kids to go to bed so she can get her game on.

But why do I wait for them to go to bed?  Because I will beat the living tar out of them if they play with me.  And I don't mean I'll beat them at the game.  I mean I will beat *them*, figuratively speaking of course.

It's a game that is so adorable, with music so soothing, totally benign on all accounts.  Except that it's easy to get ahead of the other players which in turn kills the other players.  And the levels of discovery are so fun, that one wants to get ahead, wants the bubbles, wants to get to the next checkpoint.  At the detriment to everyone else.

So like an addict laying aside his crack pipe, I've retired the pearl pink controller.



  1. We have LBP, but I have never played it. However I have wasted many days on Lego Harry Potter!

  2. hmmm, we haven't got LBP yet. Maybe I'll wait for a bit. :)

  3. What is LBP? See how "In touch" I am.


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